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The words just came out. What I was exactly thinking. If he leaves, I leave too.

Finneas: "Billie shut the fuck up don't make this harder for me go inside."

I couldn't get through the guys holding me back. I just cried. And called for Que. But that's not going to solve anything. Ever.

Why would I want to live if it's not with him? I know he hurt me. And I won't forgive him. Yet.

Que: "Billie.. go inside."

Why?! Why isn't he fighting back? He can't give up on me. He doesn't have the right. Not after what he did.

"Fin. I know you think you're helping me. But you're really not. You can't keep me here forever. You have to let me live. Let me find love."

Did I really just say that? Doesn't sound like the Billie I know. What is this Brandon doing to me?

Finneas: "Brandon, I'm letting you off. GET FUCKING LOST"

Finneas let go of him and for a second and he hesitated from walking away, but then he just ran. He left. I shouted and shouted. But he left. Again. (WhAt A pUsSaYyYy)

Finneas: "See Billie. He hurt you. Again. He left."

And just as I thought things couldn't get any worse, *guess what* they did.

Finneas: "And NONE of you can EVER talk to him again. No contact. I will find out. And you won't be here anymore. Literally."

This dick. And I'm not talking about Que. I'm talking about my brother. They're both different people but so alike in some ways.

I don't know how to feel right now. He thinks he can just leave me like that?! Without even looking at my face one more time? He really hates me. I hate him too, I think. But I know I'm going to miss him, and kill my self for him. Him, him, him, and only him.

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