Bonus Chapter

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Terrence Reed

"No one's home," Michael said, reaching over to nudge me.

I rolled my eyes in response. "Adam will be home after practice."

Michael leg brushed against mine. "How's the ankle?"

I glanced down at my ankle, which had been braced in an air cast. "It sucks."

"At least you secured the Vandy offer."

I just shook my head in response. "Why are you sucking up to me, Michael?"

He wiggled his eyebrows in response. "I'd love to be sucking up to you."

I let out a loud groan as Michael just laughed in response.

"Never say those to words to me again."

"That was pretty bad," Michael agreed, still laughing. "Even for me."

I glanced toward the clock. "What time do you have to pick up Lucas?"

"Not for another thirty minutes."

Plenty of time.

"Are you going to lay me out on the couch?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Or carry me up the stairs?"

"You can't crutch?"

"Being an asshole doesn't get your dick sucked."

Michael's cheeks flushed red, and this time I had to laugh.

Michael had no problem making sly jokes, but outright comments always made him blush.

"Okay, okay," Michael conceded. "Couch it is."

"Always the romantic."


I stared at my phone in hand, my heart pounding in my chest.

I can't believe I told Adam.

While I was as gay as they come, Michael had always been closeted. He referred to himself as straight with male tendencies and although that made me laugh, I always respected his wishes.

I can't believe I just outed him. To Adam of all people.

My hand hovered over my phone. I knew it was right to call Michael, to admit to my mistakes.

But I couldn't bear the thought of hurting Michael anymore than I already had.


"We can't do this anymore," I said, quietly. "Michael, are you hearing me?"

Michael didn't move, his head in his hands.

"You need time to heal," I continued. "And I need time to... think."

He still didn't move.

"Michael, I'm sorry."

I rested my hand on his back, trying to control the tears welling up in my eyes.


Michael let out a small sob. "Fuck you, Terrence. Just go."

"Mike, I'm-"


I stood up, wiping my tears. "I'll always care about you."

Michael finally looked up at me, tears flowing down his cheeks. "It's not like I was gay anyways. I'll be fine on my own." He reached up, wiping away a tear. "I always am. So just get the hell out."

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