Chapters One & Chapter Two

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Before time and space, everything was simply the One. Strewn together and compressed into a tiny fiery ball, all the elements already existed. Without boundaries, they possessed neither form nor shape, until Thought emerged. Like a gentle breeze, it blew over all existing matter, causing ripples of Awareness and Consciousness. As the new knowledge spread, elements became aware of their uniqueness and strained for individuality, upsetting the initial Balance. Chaos ensued as pieces attempted to break away, blindly pulling apart the original core. The pressure increased, separatism running like revolutionary fever through the rupturing mass. But Chaos was only destructive, so before damage became too extensive, Awareness gave shape to the Word.

The new powerful force infested Chaos, connecting the sum of all single Thoughts to each other and to the collectiveness. Its unconventional message taught that individuality was not in contrast with the One, as no picture exists without the many colors blending into it. The message slowly seeped in absorbed only at a superficial level at first, then reaching the bare essence. But rebellion refused to be silenced. After a brief stasis, it resumed its run for freedom, fiercely battling against anything opposing the change. And as the Word stood in its way, it turned the same force shaped to unify into a new element of tension, increasing pressure until the final explosion physically shattered the One into the Many.

Free at last, they flew away, thrown into the empty void without boundaries, filling it with Time, Space and Life. Yet, the core essence did not disintegrate, rather transformed into new Light shining tiny traces of Awareness on all creation. Thus the wondrous journey began, each element provided with all the necessary tools to fulfill its special destiny. On equal footing at first, the individual journeys soon changed perceptions and Awareness reached higher levels only through evolution as all matter eventually rejoined the One before starting the process over and over again.

Journey, re-union, break-off marked the endless cycle, which repeated through Time, Space and Life. From creation, each piece struggled through Life until Death returned it to the One before setting it free once more. The consecutive passages increased not only individual Awareness, but that of the One as well, amplifying Its Thought, which in turn shaped the Word to suit the new knowledge. Yet in spite of all, the One lacked essential information to reach full Awareness.

The physical world held the dangerous and unknown challenge of sensuality. Taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch were part of a mysterious reality that only corporeal beings experienced. Attraction or repulsion of the flesh was incomprehensible to the cold rational Logos because it escaped logical definition. And the One could not grow or be complete without the unexplainable experience.

The Word took its own journey through Life.

Chapter Two

He became the ruler when his father stepped down from the throne. First-born, the title rightfully belonged to him and no one dared challenge it, his father least of all. At first, the boy had seemed too young for the heavy responsibility connected with an extensive territory such as Kemet, and it worried his father.

“Times will become harder and the land poorer,” Geb had patiently explained to his young, looking deeply into soft brown eyes. “But, no matter what, our people need a strong Leader because it’s always the king’s responsibility to look after them and assure prosperity even in the face of hardships.”

“Don't worry, Father,” the somber boy reassured. “I promise I'll do my best for the people and for Kemet.”

That's the best anyone can hope for, Geb thought, catching a glimpse of his son's earnest intentions. To be fair, he hardly looked the part. Tall and dark skinned, the boy would have been more at ease in a Temple rather than a palace.

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