Where there's a Will there's a Hope

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In a small hospital two women lay in hospital beds beside each other, holding hands tightly. One of the woman, Laura, gritted her teeth against the pain, trying desperately to ignore the doctors rushing around with worried expressions on their faces while the other, Rebecca screamed loudly. They were both giving birth. Laura gripped her friends hand harder, saying soothingly, "It'll be ok, it's almost over, shh honey, shh." She was desperately scared for her friend, she could see the doctor giving hushed instructions to the nurses a frown creasing his forehead.

It was getting harder to concentrate however, the pain was like fire. She could barely breathe it hurt that bad. She wouldn't scream, she wouldn't! Her husband hovered nearby, she smiled at him warmly. He was close to tears, she couldn't understand how this could be, she was perfectly ok. Pain pierced through her again and she had to bite her tongue sharply, causing it to bleed.

Rebecca gave birth first, to a charming little boy who screamed healthily at the top of his lungs. He was cleaned and brought back to her, she held him in one arm while the other gripped Laura tightly. He had dark wisps of hair on his head and was now sleeping peacefully. She couldn't help but smile at the look of utter peace on his face. He was the cutest baby boy she had ever seen! But this smile was soon removed.

Now that the pain had gone she could see her friend was in danger. Two nurses rushed past and she listened to them whisper, "Internal bleeding," and "Doesn't look good!" The grip Laura had on her hand was slackening but she didn't dare to let go.

"You can do this Laur!" Rebecca whispered encouragingly. "I know you can!" But Laura was unnerringly pale, sweat glistened on her forehead and a spot of blood was shimmering on the edge of her mouth. A gasp escaped her lips. Rebecca stared.

A little girl, a beautiful bright little girl. Laura's husband rushed to his wife's side, he should have been out in the waiting room like any other husband would have been but ever since his fragile wife had become pregnant he had barely left her side if he could help it. And now she wasbarely concious,her chest shuddered violently as she took a breath. Her daughter was placed gently in Laura's arms, with great effort she opened her eyes to look at her child, she smiled wearily, "Hope.." She whispered before falling into a deep sleep that she would never wake up from.

The two babies were placed in an incubater beside each other. Without being aware their hands reached out towards each other. Rebecca sobbed on to her husbands shoulder and Laura's husband stood beside her bed, tears rolling down his face, still holding her hand as if this would make her come back...

"Hope and Will. Beautiful names," The nurse said, smiling sadly.

Chapter 1:

She ran through the streets, her long hair flying behind her. People watched her in a bemused way. Many times she heard people mutter that she was not acting as a proper young lady should but she had never cared nor did she particularly care at that moment.

"What's the rush Hope?" The local baker Mr. Morris called, putting a steaming pile of pies on the bench outside the shop. She just waved and breezed by.

She ran up the well worn steps to his house. "Did you hear, Will? Did you hear!?" She yelled. At a small table sat a boy, his head in his hands, a grim look on his face that vanished and turned into a smile the moment he heard her.Hope slapped the newspaper she was holding on to the table. "Look!"

He picked it up and scanned the front page.

"Princess Erica is coming here?" He gasped, staring open mouthed at the page.

"Isn't it wonderful!"Hope danced around the room, hugging her shoulders and singing loudly. "She's so beautiful and graceful!"

"Like you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow as she stumbled over a chair. She glared at him and dusted herself off indigninantly. He grinned.

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