Chapter 5

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Angel POVMarch 21,2019Tarzana, California

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Angel POV
March 21,2019
Tarzana, California

"You guys we already have CMB Casino, the hookah lounge, and one of the hotel....we've accomplished some things"

Marcus and Amanda both nodded as they sat in front of my desk. We talked for hours about the whole situation.

"Welp! I'm headed home early...need to celebrate with family," I smiled. "Y'all can leave"

I rushed out and to my parents house. We ate shrimp paste and drink some champagne. They may not have agreed to HOW I expanded my builds but they are happy for me.

The next mornin I was feeling real good and had so much energy. Once I got to my department I walked in and greeted everyone but stopped in my track when I saw new faces.

"Ummm who are you," I frowned.

The chubby guy smiled at me, "oh I'm Hoody"

"Ok HOODY what are you doing behind this desk...and who the fuck are y'all," I frowned at everyone.

They were about to answer but a loud noise cut them off. I rushed to the entrance and saw construction workers removing my name.


I quickly stomped to the elevator and to my office. Tell me why my name was removed. It didn't have anything on there.

I frowned opening the door.

"Is everyone on crack or something....Amanda why is those people removing my shit and who are those workers?" I frowned. "And Marcus Get the hell outta my chair.

He smirked, "you mean Chris....well Mr.Brown to you"


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