Chapter 2: A Bewitching Surprise

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Chapter 2: A Bewitching Surprise

The next day, the first day of summer, Harley heard footsteps and a knock on the door. She looked around to see no Brittany. Ms. Madel opened the door and she looked smitten, "Harley, dear, you have a visitor," she smiled. The crabby mistress never called Harley "dear", she must have been really smitten. Ms. Madel let an old man enter, judging by the color and length of his hair, beard and mustache, this man might me ancients! "Would it be alright if I get to talk to Miss Harley privately?" the ancient man said as Ms. Madel flushed and took hold of the door knob. Oh, of course," she said. Thank you, Nora," the man said and Ms. Madel smiled before closing the door. So they got on the first name basis, Harley can't help but smirk, maybe Nora doesn't have to wait for a suitor any longer now. The man sat on the desk chair which waspositionedwith the desk near the end wall, in the middle of the two girls' beds. "May I ask who you are?" Harley blurted out without thinking about it and wondered if she said it in an offensive way. "You have the all the right in the world to ask me who I am, young lady," Professor Dumbledore assured Harley as if he read her mind. " I am Professor Albus Dumbledore," the man introduced himself. "Should I introduce myself as well? " Harley asked as she fiddled with her fingers. "You don't have too, Harley," Dumbledore said and Harley looked at the man. "Are you my grandfather?" she couldn't help but ask the silly question but looked down quickly in embarrassment. "Sadly, I am not, dear; but I am just like you in a sense and you are like me in a sense as well," Dumbledore explained. Harley seemed upset but still curious about what the old professor had said about how that were alike in a way. "What do you mean by what you said Professor?" she asked. "Well, have you experienced anything out of the ordinary? Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Well, strange thing havehappened..."

"Can you tell me these strange instances?"

"When Ms. Madel cut off my bangs too short, the night afterwards, my hair was back to it's length before it was cut."

"Mmm," the Professor replied and motioned her to continue.

"There's this boy named Collin here and has these pet tarantulas, you see, and when he pulled a prank on me. On the same night, while I was about to get back at him, I saw the tank filled with tarantulas and thought whether I should use it for my prank, and when I looked back at the tank, they weren't there; they were crawling over the sleeping Collin. So I ran back here to my room before anyone caught me, but I swear, I have no idea how that happened."

Professor Dumbledore held a calm composure as he spoke. "Do you know why these thing happen?" Harley then shook her head to a no. "It's because," he paused and looked at the door and snapped one slim middle finger and thumb together and the door lock immediately shut itself. Harley was shocked butreturnedher attention to the professor. " You are just like me, a wizard," he said. He looked at the overwhelmed Harley. "But before we get to that, you have the right to know who you and your family is!" Dumbledore said with a jolly tone. "You know who my family is?" Harley asked excitedly. "Yes, I also know that you have a twin," Now Harley can't believe the man. Yet, Dumbledore still continued on, "Your mother's name is Lilly and your father's name is James,"

"What about my twin?"


"My twin's a boy?"


"So what's my last name then?"


"Are both my parents witch and wizard?"

"So is your brother."

"And I'm a witch too," Harley paused for a long moment to soak in all the new information and then she remembered the most important question she wanted to know all her like.

"Why did my parents give me up?"

"They didn't give you up. When both of you were born, the doctors said you wouldn't survive. Your mother can't bear to see you pass away and left the hospital the day after. But when the doctors saw you were still alive, the nurse who took care of you left you on their doorstep right before..." Dumbledore paused like he can't say more.

"Right before what, Professor?"

"Right before they died," Dumbledore said in a small, low tone. Now, Harley didn't want to believe the ancient man but when he looked into his eyes, the truth was plainly laid out in front of her. "But how did they die?" she pushed.


"Who's Voldemort?"

"He's a powerful wizard, overwhelmed and hungers power every chance he gets."

"How did he kill my parents?"

"I'll tell ou more soon, my child, but we have to discuss about Hogwarts first."


"Hogwarts, a school for witch craft and wizardry. You would join your brother there if you would attend."

Harley thought about it and decided that this option would be better than staying in a place, waiting for someone to adopt you with no less than a 2% chance. "But if my parents died because of Voldemort, how come Harry was alive?" Harley asked. "That's a good question, my dear. Sadly, I do not have an answer. Voldemort's disappearance is moremysteriousthan Muggle chocolate," Voldemort said the last part to himself since he was very fond of it as of the moment.


"That's what we call non-magical humans," Dumbledore explained. "Although, Voldemort left his mark on Harry, a scar on his forehead in a shape of a lightning bolt," he remarked. "But if I have to go to school, won't there be tuition fees or books and wands and all those what-nots. How am I going to pay for those? Are the money currency there the same as here in the Muggle world?" Harley's question blathered fast since she doesn't have enough money which worried her. "Don't worry, we'll go to Gringotts," the Professor said as he stood up and took his coat which was rested at the back of the chair. "Wait, you're not leaving, are you?" Harley asked. "Don't fret, dear. I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up so we could gather all the things you need for the term. But for now, I have to talk to Nora about me 'adopting' you," Dumbledore explained. Harley had a small smile on her face because of the fact that she would get out of the orphanage home, "But where would I place all my things?" Harley knew that she had little belongings but they still need to carried. "Accio suitcase," just then, a suitcase appeared on Harley bed. "I suppose that would be fine for your belongings, would it, Harley?" Dumbledore askedpolitely. "Yes, thank you, Professor. Would I learn how to do those things as well?" Harley asked. Dumbledore let out a soft chuckle, "So curious and willing to learn a lot of things, just like mother, you are. Of course, Harley, but you will learn how to do the basics first. I would pick you up 8:30 in the morning tomorrow, be ready by then," Dumbledore waved his pale hand and went outside the room. Harley stared at the door. She still can't believe what happened but she was glad that she had a brother that she would soon meet.

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