(Edited) Chapter 2 Part I

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Chapter Two


The bell rings for a full minute, indicating that the ongoing class is over. Everyone immediately gets up, grabbing their books and backpacks and hurry out of the classroom. I feel more than happy to follow them out of there. The past hour had been nothing but torture. There's something about history lectures that make you want to sleep. Five more minutes and I would have happily joined the group of students who were deep onto the path to slumber, snoring gently at the back of the class, unnoticed by our history teachers Mrs. Levine.

Lunch hour has begun which means I'm supposed to meet my friends at the lockers where we'll spend the next fifteen minutes talking about anything and everything. I trudge down the tiled hallway, trying my best to not bump into people. I notice Aiden a few meters away, leaning against a locker with his girlfriend standing next to him, both of them laughing about something.

My eyes automatically look away. It's been happening for a while now. It's like a natural reflex. Whenever I see them both together, I automatically avert my eyes, feeling uncomfortable.

It's been a little over a month since they both have gotten together. Somehow mine and Aiden's friendship has flourished too. Ever since I helped him with that surprise, he's been spending more time with me than with his guy-friends. However, when he's not with me, he's with her (which is most of the time). She's not in eleventh grade like us. So he's only able to spend time with her in between classes and after school gets over. Nevertheless, they've been dating exclusively and now everyone at school knows they are together.

I spot my friends Sharon, Sandra and Kayla perched against the locker next to mine. Sandra is jabbering away and Kayla is clutching her stomach, laughing. Sharon meanwhile is flipping through a fat textbook. "Hey y'all, what's up?" I greet, pulling open my locker after putting the combination. I stuff my books inside it and turn to my friends.

"Same old, same old; Sandra tell her what happened today in the physics lab," Kayla replies, starting to laugh again. Sandra immediately repeats the story she was telling Kayla when I'd seen them. Apparently, a guy named Joshua pushed the pendulum so hard during the experiment they were performing that the string holding the bob came loose. The very next second, the bob was free and flying through the air. It struck the skinny lab assistant square on his head. He fainted immediately. I join them in their laughter, imagining the scene unfurl in my head.

As I stand there, laughing with my friends I wonder how I got lucky enough to score such good people. I'm really shy. I have a hard time befriending people—not because people don't like me but I'm just really awkward with strangers. All the same, I somehow became friends with these awesome girls. We're not the best of friends, but we enjoy each other's company.

Out of them, I'm the closest to Sharon. She's the prettiest in our group with long golden-brown hair that curls at the tips and bright brown eyes. She's tall and skinny—absolutely gorgeous. And secretly Sandra, Kayla and I are jealous of how beautiful she looks without even trying. She always looks so calm and serene. Oh, if only she was really like that! She's actually very hyper and is the definition of crazy. I'm not even sure how we get along since we are polar opposites. But somehow, we always have fun together. I bring the much needed calm and peace in her life and she brings the touch of crazy in mine.

Five minutes later, after we've dumped our books in our lockers—we head towards the washroom to touch up our make-up. Kayla and Sharon make a face when Sandra proposes heading over there. Unlike Sandra and me, they don't really care about their appearance. They're okay with knowing that their hair is slightly out of place and their makeup is messed up. We both on the other hand, always find an excuse to look in the mirror, as vain as that sounds.

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