Daddy Changed

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I know you said to me
"This is exactly how it should feel when its meant to be"
Time is only wasting so why wait for eventually
If we gonna do something 'bout it
We should do it right now

Unthinkable - Alicia Keys

Chapter Fourteen - Daddy Changed

"You've never done this before?" Braxton looked away from me then cleared his throat. I could tell he was uncomfortable, but he said I was still in charge.

"No, have you?" I stopped smiling as I pulled the camera away. Did I look like the type of girl who fucked on camera? Probably.

"You'd be my first," I smirked then turned the camera back to him.

"And hopefully your last." What the hell did that mean? I placed the camera on the bed then got off of Braxton. "I wouldn't want you to do this with other men. It's not safe."

"Yeah, I should get ready to go soon." I knew Braxton was lying. His comment had another meaning to it, and I didn't know how to feel about it. He hated me saying this, but I was just some girl he could fuck. It couldn't be anything more than that.

"I thought you were staying another night," Braxton got off the bed after I started gathering my clothes to get dressed. He watched me as I slipped on my thong. I sighed when he grabbed my hand as I tried to get my bra next to him.

"What, Braxton?"

"Did I say something wrong? We were fine five minutes ago and now you're practically running out of here. Tell me if I said something to make you uncomfortable. Stop running away all the time," I could see he was trying to hold his emotions back but he was very annoyed. I cocked my head to the side and smirked.

"Fuck off, Braxton," I jerked my hand away then grabbed my bra. I faced away from him so I could put my bra on. I laughed to myself when I heard Braxton clear is throat.

"Vera," he warned.

"What did I say? Let it go and shut up." I know Braxton was passed annoyed at this point but I didn't care. I liked fucking with him. I decided I would leave him alone so I started walking out of the room. A hand grabbed my upper arm then pulled me back. I gasped when Braxton threw me up against the wall.

"I'm so fucking tired of your smart ass mouth." The fire in his eyes made me get wet instantly.

"What the hell are you doing? I'm the one who-"

"Shut the fuck up," Braxton grabbed my head then pushed me down to the floor. He grabbed the back of my head then pushed my head to his dick. Luckily he was already naked so I wasted no time and took him in my mouth. He thought this was a punishment but this is what I wanted. I always got what I wanted.


"Did you enjoy taking over?" Braxton stirred his coffee as he stared at me. I hated when he did that because he looked like a major creep.

"I did."

"Good because that's the last time you'll do that." My smile faded when he said that.

"Asshole," I muttered.

"Excuse me?" he stopped stirring his coffee. I shut my mouth when his facial expression changed. Braxton was back to being controlling and serious. I squeezed my legs together and shook my head.

"Nothing," I looked down so I could focus on my breakfast. Why did I want him to knock over all the plates and fuck me right on this table? Get your thoughts together you whore.

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