|Arc 1| Chapter Nine.

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"What did you want to tell me?" Asks Nashi once they're all settled at the large table. Their parents were mostly talking to each other so they had even more free time.

When Nashi looked at her best friends face, she could easily see the blush on her cheeks, and how shy she looked. "I wanna continue to talk about Luke." Says Grace And Nashi mentally rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, what about him?" Asks Nashi.

"Well...since your his sister, I was wondering if you could...maybe try to hook us up?" Asks Grace, and Nashi smiles.

"That's all?" She Asks. She knew this would be easy, especially since Luke likes her too.

"Of course I'll help. Match making Nashi to the rescue!" She calls.

"Matchmaking Nashi huh? Is it me your matching with?" Asks Storm and Nashi can't help but smile at his play boyish words. "If-"

"Nope! No matching for you two!" Says Luke causing their group of friends to laugh.

"Actually, I think Nashi and Storm would look cute together but not as cute as me and Luke would look." Jokes Nova causing everyone to go quiet.

"Uhm...I think Luke and Grace look even better though...." Says Gale, who did not want to have Grace complaining about how much she liked Luke.

At hearing Gale's words, Luke almost chokes on his drink and Nashi's laughs nervously at the glare Grace was giving Nova.

"Relax, it was just a joke, right Nova?" Asks Rosemary, who had been watching this play out the whole time.

"Hm, yeah, but if Luke ends up liking me I'd gladly go out with him." Says Nova with a smile.

"Looks like their fighting over your Luke again, Lucy." Says Mirajane with a smile. Lucy Smiles at watching them aswell.

"Your acting like Luke is the best looking boy here, Storm and Gale are hot too." Says Scarlet causing Gale to blush, but Storm takes this as an opportunity to flirt.

"Hm, are you intending that I'm hot, Scarlet?" Asks Storm with a small smirk.

"I am, your good looking, but I don't like you. Your too...cold." She says.

"Ha, I'm pretty sure more girls like me than you." Says Luke, taking this as an advantage now. "What? In your dreams! Not only do girls like me in person, but also all over the world," he says as they start arguing.

"Lucy, are you Sure Natsu hadn't rubbed off on Luke? Because their fighting just like Gray and Natsu." Notices Juvia as she stands up to discipline her son.

"Maybe...I don't know what he's teaching them." Says Lucy as she follows Juvia.

"Storm, what did I tell you about fighting? Especially here!" Says Juvia.

"Same for you. I thought you were done with that." Says Lucy as she pulls his ear.

"Ouch! Okay okay I'm sorry!" Says Luke as Lucy let's go.

Nashi however was laughing. "That's going on Instagram." She Says posting it causing Gale to laugh as well.

"I think we should all head to sleep, we have to wake up early tomorrow for everything we're doing anyway." Says Natsu, as he wraps an arm around Lucy.

"I'll show you all your rooms." Says Natsu and everyone leaves the dinner table to follow him.

The first thing he did was drop off all the kids. He decided that since they're all acquainted with each other they could sleep in a large room that had tons of space and enough beds for all of them. It also separates boys from girls, and had a huge bathroom, one for the boys and one for the girls.

"Are you sure they'll all be fine down there?" Questions Erza. "Of course. I doubt they can get in much trouble." Says Natsu.

"Plus, I left Reiki in charge of the boys, and Nova in charge of the girls. What could go wrong?" Asks Natsu as he begins to show everyone else their rooms.

"Now now Lucy, I know, we're not married, and I'll gladly give you a new room if you want one, but I...was hoping we could sleep together." Says Natsu as they were alone.

Lucy cheeks immediately flare up.

"Not like that though." Says Natsu and Lucy nods.

"I'd like that...as long...as we're just sleeping. I-I don't think I'm ready for that just yet." Says Lucy and Natsu nods as they head into the room.


"Haha! I'm in charge! So you know what that means!" Calls Nova with a smile. All the girls sigh. "Yes, yes, we know, truth or dare!" Says Rosemary sarcastically.

"Well good!" Says Nova as she puts her ear to the door that separated them from the boys.

"Hurry up with your showering or whatever shit you have to do! We're playing truth or dare in a hour!" says Nova.

"Wow, the bath really is huge." Says Nashi surprised, only because she had the lowest social class here.

"Of course! And you know what that means?" Speaks up Scarlet, who had followed her and Grace there to check it all out.

"We can all bathe together!" She calls happily.

"T-together?" Asks Nashi not noticing her stutters. "Relax Nash, we're all girls!" Says Nova picking up on the nickname she has.
"Well...yeah I guess your right-"

"Plus, you have like the biggest boobs here, I can't wait to feel you up!" Says Nova, And Nashi didn't know if this was a joke.

"She's joking," Says Rosemary reassuringly. "I think," she says and all colors fades from her face. They were just lucky that Rin and Sylvia were already asleep.

After they all undressed and headed into the bathroom, after the tub was full, they began to bathe.

"Gosh, I really wish I had pink hair, and it's so pretty," Complains Nova And Nashi can't help but laugh. "Your hairs pretty too though Nova. Sometimes I wish I had blonde like my mom and Luke, so then, I'd actually look related to them." Says Nashi with a sigh.

"Well, we're not here to talk about hair!" Says Nova as she pounces on Nashi.

"Wow! They really are huge! And your like thirteen! So lucky! Your like a D- Cup aren't you?" Asks Nova. Nashi hesitantly nods.

"Really?" Asks Scarlet as she feels her other one.

"G-guys!" Stutters out Nashi.

"I'm ashamed Nash. I've been your bestie for the longest and you've never let me touch them. Unfair!" Pouts Grace. "You want in?" Asks Nova with a smirk. "Of course!"

"Are they aware we can hear them?" Asks Luke with a slight blush at what they were doing to his sister.

"I don't think so..." Says Gale, Who was blushing just as much.

"Wow Luke, there giving me all the more reasons to like your sister," Says Storm with his usual smirk.

"Women are so weird...especially Nova." trails off Reiki, who had the most blush on his face.

"Yeah, I can't believe that this is what they talk about." Adds Gale.

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