Chapter 1

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David and I had never spoken until he confessed.

So when he suddenly came up to me with such strong feelings, I didn't know what to say. I didn't know him

, but when I looked into the room after I had left, I saw the crystal droplets of tears slide down his cheeks. I was intrigued.

If the tears meant anything, it was that he really did love me.

Now, weeks later, I have noticed that my eyes seem to stray to him more often than not. David was known for his cherry personality but as of recently his mood had changed. It seemed that I was the only person that knew why because his friends were worried about him. He sighs more often and when confronted by his peers about his peculiar behavior, his hands begin to tremble slightly - barely noticeable - and his voice and expression becomes guarded and ice cold. Very much unlike himself.

Some mornings he comes to school with dark smudges under his already swollen eyes - evidence of his tears.

A Monday lunch , a month after the incident, I happened to come out of a conversation with my language teacher, Mrs. Hale, a few minutes into the break. I was walking down the hall to the cafeteria when I saw David walking towards me. He was looking at his feet, mumbling something under his breath.

He raised his eyes and as they connected with mine, a deep sadness ran across his face before he became stoic. David continued in my direction with determined steps. Three steps later, his lips spread and curled up into bright smile. While the action itself was absolutely normal, I wondered why he would wear that expression for me. I wondered, that is, until a voice sounded behind me.

"Davie! Let's go! Hurry up!" A tall, tan, built boy called.

At the boy's command, David sped up his movement, totally disregarded me and practically threw himself at the tall male. He was giggling at something that the boy had said while he sat comfortably on his broad shoulders.

I couldn't comprehend the emotions that were slicing through my heart at the sight and decided against exploring it as I continued going for something to eat.

I found my friends at our usual table. They were talking about something but my mind tuned them out as I revisited my thoughts of David.


I entered the clinical existence of my house. It was silent as usual and as I walked up to my room, there was no movement but my own. It would seem that my parents were still on their 'work trips'. They thought that I didn't know what was actually happening in my own house. My father used that excuse so he could go a sleep with his boss Mrs. Jackson. The married and disgusting woman. On the other hand my mother was sleeping with one of her college fraternity sisters.

I had been an unwanted child. My father slept with my mother under the influence of alcohol at some party when they were celebrating getting their college diplomas. I was a complete and unwanted surprise. Their parents pressured them into loveless marriage for my 'sake'.

I let out a humourless chuckle as I pushed my bedroom door open. My space was decorated in blacks and shades of green. I went passed my queen sized bed and silently sat at my working desk. I slipped my homework out of my bag and pulled out one of my pens. I decided on Physics first.

I tried. I really did, but my mind kept drifting back to David's expression as he greeted that other boy. He seemed truly happy and for some reason that irked me.

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