Look, I'm really depressed about the Payzer breakup, trust me. But in this story, everything's happy and the couples from the beginning are together! Just saying that to clear this stuff up.

We get up early and I finish packing the clothes to be sent to Louis's mum (Niall got all my clothes from the places they were while Harry and I went to the school yesterday). Sighing, I shut the suitcase and double check the hotel room to make sure I don't miss anything.

After I'm done, we head out to the airport. Everyone is completely quiet and Louis is holding Eleanor's hand tightly. Liam has his arm around Danielle's shoulder. Zayn is texting Perrie.

When we finally arrive and get to security checks, we all go through just fine and go to the boarding area. Louis holds onto Eleanor tight, kissing her and whispering words of love into her ear. Liam holds Danielle close and I can tell they're both trying hard not to cry. It's so romantic and so sad at the same time.

Finally, they depart. Liam struggles to hold onto the tips of Danielle's fingers. She gives him a small smile and lets go as Eleanor drags her off to the plane. Liam looks down at the ground and we all make our way back to the car.

Someone's hand rubs my back and I glance over to find Niall the culprit. I smile at him faintly and he smiles back, opening his mouth to say something.

"Maddy, someone's on the phone for you!" Harry exclaims, handing me the phone. I grab the phone and stop walking for a second.

"Hello?" I ask.


I smile. It's my best friend Emily.

"Emil!" I exclaim. "What's up babe?"

"There's a dance tonight. You're allowed to get in free of charge too," she replies. I gasp and grin.

"Seriously? How'd you do that?!" I ask her excitedly.

"I pulled some strings," she replies mischievously. I roll my eyes and jog a bit to catch up to the boys.

"Uh huh. So 8 tonight? We're leaving tomorrow at like noon so we're fine," I answer her. Harry raises an eyebrow and I grin. He smiles and looks away.

"Yeah. I'll come pick you up," Emily suggests.

"Nah. Don't do that. I'll have Paul drive me to your house and you can take me from there okay? I don't want to get mobbed by fangirls and I'm sure you don't either."

"Haha yeah. Well, see you tonight!"

"See you tonight! Love you babes!"

"Love you too wifey!"


"So what was that about?" Zayn questions as I hand Harry his phone.

"My friend told me I'm allowed to go to the school dance tonight free of charge. So around 7:20, Paul is gonna drive me to her house and we're gonna go to the dance from there," I explain. Niall nods.

"Sounds like a good idea," he marvels. I roll my eyes and cross my arms.

"Well, I suppose I'll wear something new," I say, holding my arms closer to me.

"Okay," Harry agrees.

We get back to the hotel and chill out for a while. I even convince Niall and Harry to do a Twitcam with me. After that, I get tons more Twitter and Instagram followers. Totes cray cray!

Around 5:30, I pick out an outfit and get ready. I throw on a pair of shorts that fall to mid-thigh and a gray camisole. Overtop is a darker gray mesh sweater. I put a matching gray fedora on my head after brushing my hair. I put on my favorite shoes: black Converse with chains on the back. I slide my glasses on. I smile a bit and walk out of the bathroom.

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