Chapter 26 : Girls Talk

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Taehyung's POV
It's been a week... We all were back in the office working, me and Irene were quiet and haven't talked since then. She started acting so formal and cold to me which is obvious that she's trying to avoid me. It's Friday and I'm free tonight. Guess I'm gonna have a lonely night...

I walked out of the office as the door opened automatically. I took a deep breath of the fresh air outside before walking out. I went to my favorite coffee shop and bought some coffee. I took a sip of my coffee but I got shocked by the heat of the coffee that was burning on my tongue. "AH THAT'S HOT!" I screamed as I accidentally dropped my bag and laptop. "Oh shit..." I muttered as I squat down to take my stuffs.

"Oh let me help you sir..." A sweet female voice in front of me was heard. I saw a small soft hand which touched my bag at the same time I pulled my hand out to take my bag. Our hands touched... The warmth or her hand made me feel somehow comfortable. I looked to the person and got shocked. "Irene..?" I called. She looked at me and her eyes immediately turned cold. "Oh ne... Mianhae..." She said as she avoided eye contact. We both stood up at the same time. "Gomawo..." I told her. She nodded without looking at me.

Soon she took a step away but I stopped her from walking by holding her hand. "Wait!" I exclaimed. She looked at me confusingly before pushing my hand away. "I'm sorry..." I told her before she started to walk away. "I love you..." I confessed which made her stop walking. She was silent for a while but then I heard her speak. "Then show it..." She then left me.

I looked down to my feet and then suddenly realised what I did was wrong and I had to fix it. I ran towards Irene and pulled her hand making her fall towards me. I hugged her really tight and looked at her desperately. I quickly leaned for a kiss. That soft lips... I missed it... I suddenly felt her kissing me back which made me smile. We pulled away before looking at each other. "That was good..." She said and smiled shyly. I chuckled and pinched her cheek. "You cutie..." I said and kissed her one last time. She shyly hit my arm and cover her face with my jacket. We laughed and stared at each other until we heard someone.

"Kim Taehyung." It was my dad... "A-Appa.." I said nervously as I saw him looking a little bit upset. "Annyeonghaseyo..." Irene bowed as she greeted him politely. "Can we all have tea together?" He asked. We nodded and followed him to a empty cafe. "How is work?" He asked me in a very serious way. "Good... Why?" I said with no emotions. "It seemed that our company has been going well these days..." He said. "Yeah I know." I said and took a sip of my tea. Irene looked very awkward and nervous. I held her hand secretly to calm her down. She turned to me in confusion and smiled.

After a few hours of talking, we walked back to the office together. We went inside my office room and took a seat. She turned to me and smiled. "I miss you..." She said. I hugged her tightly. Her scent... I missed her so much. "Can you kiss me?" I asked which made her a bit taken back. "Why not you kiss me?" She asked cutely. I got closer to her and moved her hair away from her face. I leaned in for kiss but was interrupted by a knock on my door. I groaned in annoyance which made Irene chuckled.

"Ahh excuse me?" It was Jennie. I looked at her coldly as if I wanted her to get lost. "What do you want?" I asked her. "We have a very special client today." She told me. I lifted my eyebrows in confusion and looked at Irene. "Park Sooyoung-sshi." Jennie called which made my heart dropped. There she was, walking with a very beautiful dress, she was beautiful as always. Irene smacked my arm really hard which made me so shocked. I turned to Irene immediately earning a frown, Irene left the room.

"I-Irene-" "Hey Taehyung!" Sooyoung said in a very flirty way. She winked at me and bit her lip which was quite hot. Damn meeting my first love... It made me quite nervous thinking about it. "Shall we go out for tea, my Tae?" She said in a seductive way. "Sure..." I said. We went out of the office room, passing by Irene's office room. I peeked a little bit and saw her doing some works. I smiled a bit and got distracted by her beauty. "Hey!" Sooyoung said which made me shocked. "Let's gooo!" she whined in a very disgusting cute voice.

Irene's POV
He was totally checking her out! I saw that look in his eyes... Ahhh why is she so pretty? It makes me so jealous! He clearly was so interested in her...

I hit my head wanting to cry and whine at the same time. I threw my file harshly on the floor. "Waeee?" I shouted as I pulled my hair to release my stress. I threw the file on my table causing a few papers to fly out. I soon received a phone call which sound startled me. It was Seulgi.

"Eo?" I answered. "Let's have dinner tonight." She said straightforwardly making me quite anxious for no apparent reason. "Umm okay." I replied and ended the call. I heard someone knocking on my door. The door opened revealing Lisa standing holding a small pink box. I pointed at it as my eyebrows raised, showing her I was curious. "This is from someone..." She said and ran towards me. She put the box on my table lightly. She smiled and looked at my messy desk. "What were you doing?" She asked. "Nothing, I was just stressed." I told her.

She pat my back and sat on the white couch. I walked beside her and took a seat next to her. "Should we go to the salon together?" She asked. "What why?" I asked. She slowly touched my hair and looked at me with a straight face. "We need to change your hairstyle of course!" She said. I softly pushed her hand away as I shake my head saying no. "Hmm how about shopping? We're going to have a party by the way." She informed.

I sat up straight and looked at her. "What party?" I asked as I was clueless since I didn't get any information about it. "Well Park Sooyoung is back. So our office will have this stupid welcome back kind of party." Lisa said in annoyance as she rolled her eyes. I chuckled before replying back. "Who is she?" I asked. "Well... Taehyung's first love?" She said. "Oh..." I replied in a quite gloomy tone.

Taehyung's POV
"Good?" Joy asked as I sipped my tea. I nodded im reply and turned to the window thinking about Irene. "She isn't mad right?" I whispered to myself. "Huh did you say something?" Joy asked innocently. I shook my head as I said "Aniyo.." I just sighed as my hand slowly brush away the hair that was covering my half of my eye.
I think Irene is upset... Well maybe I should go buy Irene something special to make her happy?

After having tea with Sooyoung, she invited me to join her to the shopping mall. I refused and she started begging with her cute facial expression. "Ugh..." I growled in annoyance. Wait... If I'm going to the shopping mall then maybe I can buy something for Irene! "Jebal... Tae-" "Ok let's go." I interrupted her. She immediately smiled brightly and pulled my hand. Damn it's been so long since I've seen Sooyoung and she looked a lot different. More elegant and prettier... Hotter... I shook my head to get rid of that thought. Come on Taehyung! You have a girlfriend... 

"Aww Taehyung, look at that cute rainbow unicorn doll!" Joy said as she jumped like a happy little kid while pointing at a doll in a shop. Sooyoung ran inside and took the doll immediately. "Buy me this please!" Sooyoung begged. I nodded in reply. I should get her a welcome back gift anyways. I took another one for Irene and paid for both of the dolls. "Who's one is this?" Sooyoung asked as she saw the other doll I took for Irene. "Um someone..." I replied as I scratched my head nervously.
"Taehyung." She called which made me pay full attention.

"Do you still love me?"


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