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"Did it work?" Niall asks Lou and I as we go through the door to the hotel room. We both nod and a smile spreads across my face.

"So, officially, I'm Louis's sister," I add. Niall runs up to me and hugs me tight. I wince, but wrap my arms around him.

I give a hug to each of the boys, including Louis.

"Thank you so much," I whisper in his ear, my eyes getting wet with tears. He smiles with me and Danielle and Eleanor enter the room.

"What happened?" Danielle asks, looking for me to Louis.

"Louis adopted me as his sister," I explain. Eleanor grins and races toward me, hugging me. I smile and hug her back and then I hug Danielle. It's a huge mushy hug-fest. Paul enters the room sometime later.

"You boys are leaving on Wednesday to head to your concert in Massachusetts," he informs the boys. Liam and Louis frown and look at their girlfriends and then I get it. Danielle has dance and Eleanor has college, so they can't come along on tour.

"We'll leave tomorrow then," Eleanor says sadly, as if reading my mind. The two boys instantly are saddened and hold their girlfriends close. Then the two girls leave to get flight preperations ready.

There's a moment of silence before Zayn asks, "So is Maddy coming on tour with us?" Liam nods.

"She has to. There's nowhere for her to go now that Louis is her legal guardian," Liam tells Zayn. Then, he turns to me. "You need to pack. We'll take you out shopping to buy some stuff tomorrow after the... airport. Pack what you don't want and we'll send it to Lou's mom with the girls."

It then hits me. I'll be living with Louis from now on! 

"Tell her to send it to mine and Harry's flat," Louis says. He then turns to me and nods at the bathroom. "Take a shower and get comfortable. We won't be going anywhere today. I shake my head.

"No, I want to visit my old school to say goodbye to some of my friends," I say. I then glance at the clock. It's noon and we're right down the street from the school. Louis sighs and crosses his arms, shaking his head.

"Alright, who's going with her?" he inquires, giving in.

"What? Legal guardian too tired to go?" Zayn teases. Louis picks up a pillow and smacks him with it. "Oh, it's on now!" Zayn growls, grabbing a pillow and hitting Louis. Liam pulls me, Niall, and Harry back.

"I'll go," Niall offers.

"No, I'll go," Harry cuts in. I look between the two.

"Harry, Maddy, go get Paul," Liam orders. Niall pouts. Guess he lost?

Harry and I find Paul and then Paul drives us to my school. We head inside and get permission to pop into random classes and an email is sent out to all teachers of the school.

I go into random classes while Harry stays outside. I get hugs from football players and girls I don't really know. I finally get to my science class where my period is having class. I get TONS of hugs and then wave sadly as I leave.

I get a hug from my ex (who has his hands far too low) and one of my best girl friends.

I get a creepy hug from my algebra teacher and my other ex quickly. I hug my best friend, Erin, and Carly and bring them outside from their class to meet Harry. After they meet and exchange numbers and twitters and whatnot, they go back in their class.

I get a hug from my crush (who is in the wrong class). I hug my old best friend, Luke and one of my guy friends, Skitch. I finally get a hug from another one of my best friends, Emily and we cry and hold onto each other. I then bring her outside to meet Harry. He tells her what's going on and she gets a Harry hug.

I hug some of my seventh grade buddies and then we leave. I wipe away some tears as I remember the saddened expressions on people's faces and tight hugs. Harry pulls me in for the final hug of the day and we head back to the hotel.

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