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When you woke up you where in a hospital bed with an I.V on your arm. You tried to move but you couldn't you where stuck, but you couldn't feel anything 'what the fuck did they do to me?' You thought. When you looked at your body all you could see was bandages 'am I gonna die!?' You thought

then a doctor walked in and said "oh thank God you're alive! Anyways I'm doctor Stevens and I'd like to ask you some questions if that's okay with you"
You tried to speak but all you could do is (okay I dont know how to explain it but it's kinda like a hum like when you hum a song). "Can you speak?" You made a humming noise that indicates "no" (also I will be saying "you said yes/no) he shook his head, "I dont know how to tell you this but you where in a car crash" he said. Your heart dropped... 'guess I am gonna die' you thought.

"I'm so so sorry but we may have to do surgery on you...." the doctor said and then out of the corner of your eye you saw them. Bucciarati, Abbacchio, fogu, mista, giorno, and the one running the fastest to your room was... Narancia. They all ran into your room and Abbacchio and fugo asked the doctor "what is his condition?"
"Um he is stable but he will most likely need surgery" he replied in a saddened tone. "This might be to much but we would like to have a moment with him alone" fugo said
"Of course but who are you all?" He asked "I am his father, we are all his family" Bucciarati said. The doctor nodded and left, "(y/n)! Giorno and mista already told me what happened! You're gonna be okay!" Bucciarati said holding onto your arm witch you couldn't feel, you looked over to see Narancia hugging you and crying into you. "Giorno why didnt you fix him!" Fugo asked "I cant his injuries are to  Serious! And a lot of them are on the inside of his body and I cant fix those..."
'What are they talking about? How can      Giorno fix me' you thought.

"(Y/n)?" Narancia said looking up at you crying "please dont go" he said starting to cry again. "Narancia come with me please" fugo said pulling him off of you but he was too sad to fight back. "Look (y/n) I'm sorry but you will get better you will survive this" Abbacchio said, he said it with the stone cold face he always had but in his eyes you could see that he really did care about you. Its like you where in a comma that you where awake for, and for now there's nothing no one can do. "(Y/n) unless we die we will come here to visit you every day" Mista said they all nodded there heads and then they stayed with you until they where kicked out of the hospital.

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