Saturday 3rd April 2027: Richie

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"You know, I was here before, just before I met you. It was my birthday, not that it mattered. And not right here, but over there, on the bridge. The old road bridge. It's actually quite a way away, now that I see it from here, all the way up on that—"

"Richie," interrupted Evan.




Thirteen days ago, Richie thought to himself. Thirteen days ago I was standing on that bridge, almost ready to jump, almost ready to end it all. Thirteen days, less than two weeks ago, I nearly gave up. And now here I am, here we are, and everything's different. Maybe it's going to be OK, or as OK as it can be in the middle of all this. At least it's going to be something.

"Evan, can I tell you something?"

"If you must."

Richie looked at the ground as he spoke, hair falling across his eyes before being caught in the blustery grasp of an erratic breeze. His words tumbled out, tripping over each other in their hurry to escape.

"When I was here before, it was cause...I sort of tried to...umm, I was maybe going to jump off the bridge but some random guy showed up and stopped me, so I didn't jump in the end. He went away again, just like that, without even telling me his name. It was weird. I know all this doesn't seem like a very 'me' thing to do, and I suppose it wasn't, not that you'd know that cause you haven't actually known me very long but everything was just a bit awful, you know, and I didn't really know what else to do so—"

"Richie," said Evan, his tone different from a moment ago. More gentle. Raw.


"Don't you ever fucking do that again."


They turned to face each other, wrapped in a silence filled with something like gravity, something like light. Before either of them could say anything more, they were ripped out of the moment by Sarah's voice.

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