Saturday 3rd April 2027: Chance

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Jac was the first person he'd ever met who didn't want more from him than he was able to give. Completely unexpectedly and somewhat unnervingly, that made him want to give more. Chance couldn't remember ever having someone in his life who he could genuinely call a friend, who accepted him for who he was instead of what he could do for them or what they could mould him into.

He and Jac had fallen into a companionable silence while they walked, having abandoned the SUV out of unfortunate necessity and set off along the coastal path. It felt like comfort, something Chance had little frame of reference for but was beginning to recognise as a real human experience rather than a lie told by the rest of the world to taunt people like him.

His path through life had been dark, with blind luck on one side and a sheer drop on the other. Some people had tried to fix him but he had no desire to be anyone's project. Relationships, if they could even be called that, never lasted long. He didn't miss any of them. He didn't even remember their names.

Other people had tried to steal from him, fight with him, or hide behind him, and he had no patience for any of that. He'd scrubbed more blood from the skin around his fingernails than he cared to recall. His hands were always cold and they never felt truly clean.

When he had left his flat in Newington for the final time, he hadn't even bothered to shut the door. Without so much as a backwards glance at Arthur's Seat and the Crags towering over the city, he had walked along South Clerk Street until he found what looked to be a suitable vehicle to drive through a world of chaos. He hadn't spared a thought for the already deceased occupant he dragged out from behind the wheel. He hadn't spared a thought for the people he crushed beneath the tyres since.

It would be too easy, too clear-cut, to say that he had become a different person, but he was aware of the beginning of a shift into a space he had never expected to occupy. A space called equal, accepted, trusted, friend.

Lost in thought, he didn't even realise he'd been flipping his coin and catching it, over and over, as he walked—old habits die hard—until the moment Jac suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm.


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