Friday 2nd April 2027: Evan, Richie and Sarah

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Sarah stood up, turned around and stretched. "What we need is a boat."

"Sure," said Evan. "We'll just find a boat and sail off into the sunset. What could possibly go wrong?" He scratched Little Cat's head with one hand and Richie's with the other. Little Cat was not hungover. Richie, who lay stretched out next to where Evan was sitting on the floor, definitely was.

"I'm being serious," replied Sarah. "The Forth bridges are impassable, right?"

"Uh-huh. Totally," said Richie. He looked suddenly uncomfortable, and not just because of the effects of the previous day's vodka.

"I tried heading for Glasgow and for the Borders, before I met you guys, but making any real progress on the roads, at least around here, isn't going to happen, right?" said Sarah, determined to plan something.

"Yep," said Richie, closing his eyes and pulling Evan's hand across them to create a darker dark in which to hide from the painful brightness of reality.

"If we can get to South Queensferry, which isn't that far, we're bound to be able to find a boat somewhere. It's only to cross the Forth. We could literally row that if we had to. Lots of people round there probably have small boats. They'll have had them out of the water for winter and then...well, then all this."

"What about the cars?" asked Evan, more interested than he had been a moment ago.

"I guess we'd have to leave them and take our chances on the other side," replied Sarah, feeling a pang of guilt at the thought of abandoning the Silver Bullet. "But it's either that or...I don't know. It's either that or nothing."

Richie groaned. "I'm too hungover to make decisions. And Evan's head's broken. He shouldn't be making decisions either."

"My head is fine," said Evan. "And there's not much of a decision to make, is there? We stay here or we don't. And if we don't, we need a boat."

"Exactly," said Sarah. "We pack as much as we can carry into one car, drive as far as we can drive, leave the car and find a boat."

"It certainly beats the alternative," said Evan.

"When you say 'drive as far as we can drive', are you referring to when we inevitably run into a bunch of terrifying murderers who kill us, cut our bodies up and put our heads on spikes at the side of the road as a warning to anyone else who tries to vacate the greater Edinburgh area?" asked Richie, just managing to expel the words before covering his mouth with his hand and swallowing heavily.

"I mean until it looks like the road isn't the safest or most practical way to travel," said Sarah. "So yeah, I guess so. But without the actual killing us part. We'll do our best to avoid that."

"Oh good," said Richie. "Cause that was the bit I really wasn't looking forward to."

Evan flexed the fingers that had been resting across Richie's eyes and then exerted just enough pressure around his eye sockets to hurt.

"What the fuck?" said Richie, reaching up and pulling the offending hand away.

"I was trying to distract you from being so irritating," said Evan. "It obviously didn't work."

"You're evil."

"I know."

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