11. One wrong step

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Any revelation, be it about something happy or sad, leaves it’s impact on the person who encountered it. Kalyani Singh Oberoi’s feelings were inexplicable after knowing about her grandson’s marriage, little did she know that it was half of the truth.

Walking through the corridor, her gaze fell on a small piece of paper lying on the floor, something like a photograph. And surprise got the better of her when she found it was the picture of the same, kind and beautiful girl who saved her life today. But what was her photograph doing here, in her house ?

She stopped a servant, and asked him about the girl, showing him the photo. The servant, who had joined just a couple of days ago, only knew that she was Shivaay’s wife. And it was right according to him because that was what the other servants had told him when he had asked. Poor fellow ! He didn’t know that the servant said so, because last time when someone called this girl mistress, she was fired and no one wanted that to happen to themselves.

The servant left, leaving the old lady alone with her jumbled up emotions. She was happy, excited, angry and what not, afterall, her grandson got married, something she wished so badly. But that wasn’t going to stop her from pulling his ears for getting married behind her back, without telling her about her dear daughter-in-law.

She smiled, frowned and then again smiled and walked towards Shivaay who was going downstairs, only to stop him by holding his ear and twisting it a little, something only she could do, anyone else on her place would have been burnt to ashes by now.

“I didn’t expect this from you, Billu, how could you do this ?” Said Kalyani to Shivaay who was shocked and scared  to the core, seeing Anika’s picture in Dadi’s hand. How did Dadi found the picture and about the whole matter, he didnt’t want to know.

He didn’t want his Dadi to know about all of this, not like this, atleast. He didn’t want to see her hurt when she would found what he did to protect his family, she would say that it was her fault that she failed in making her son, a good man, and he knew it wasn’t like that.

“D..Dadi, I know you won’t forgive me for this, you don’t want this. But I had no other option, I couldn’t control myself. I’m so sorry Dadi, but..” He stopped speaking when he saw her smiling cheerfully.

“Why won’t I forgive you ? I know you hid it from me and I felt bad, but I’m so happy for you, that finally you did what I always wanted. You chose such a perfect life partner for yourself, you did what your heart said and wanted. She is the best girl, a perfect wife and daughter in law anyone could get.” Kalyani said, making Shivaay even more shocked, because Dadi was taking this marriage concept in a complete wrong way.

“But I’m definitely angry that no one told me anything, not even when I came back.” Kalyani said, slapped Shivaay’s cheek lovingly and continued, “But it’s ok. I don’t want to waste time in all this, I want to meet my grand daughter in law. Tell me where she is ?”

“D..Dadi she’s sleeping because.. because she was not well, she has fever.” Shivaay lied, trying to suppress his anger and Dadi nodded, but then she got confused and asked, “Fever ? Did she tell you that, and not about the actual matter ?

Shivaay nodded negatively, getting more confused on seeing Dadi’s concern for someone she didn’t even meet yet. “Oh God ! You’ve found a girl for yourself who is just like you in hiding matters from the family so as not to make them worried.” Kalyani said and then smiled.

“Do you know, because of Anika I’m standing infront of you, safe and sound. She risked her life to save a stranger like me. Had she not been there, I would have died.” Now his dadi’s words were confusing him and she continued, seeing his puzzled face, “Don’t look at me like that, Anika is the same girl who saved me from getting stabbed and in that process she herself was stabbed so badly. I can’t even imagine how she would have managed to come from the hospital in that condition. She is a gem, take care of her. I’ll meet her tomorrow when she’s fine.”

Shivaay looked at his Dadi’s retreating figure for a few minutes, in complete silence, so as to make sure it wasn’t a nightmare, and when he realised it was the reality, it took him another few minutes to grasp the information. Slowly, and very painfully, all the things started to point out towards several possibilities. The most important thing that was eating him from within was, if Anika was in the temple and then in the hospital, then why did Rohit say that she went to meet Tej ?

Anika’s name, when popped in his mind, he realised what he had done an hour ago. He ran towards his room and his feet halted infront of the glass wall separating the balcony from his room, only to see her fragile figure lying on the floor and the blood oozing out of her stomach getting mixed up into the water pouring down from the sky.

He kicked the sliding, glass door which was jammed due to the heavy rain and then shouted at the top of his voice for help. At the same time, he tried to look for something hard to break the glass. By the time he broke the glass wall with the help of a rod, everyone had gathered in his room, only to see him patting Anika’s cheeks, trying to wake her up.

Everyone followed Shivaay, who picked Anika up and shouted at no one in particular to get a car ready to take her to the hospital. They were confused, because no one knew what had happened and Dadi’s worried and crying face did nothing but increased their confusion because she was crying for the girl whom she never met, only if they knew the matter.

After turning the whole hospital upside down by shouting and scaring the whole staff to attend Anika and beating the doctor nearly to death when he said she could die due to the infected stitches, he left the hospital and went to the Mansion to find Rohit to know the truth. Not that he trusted that man anymore, but he wanted to beat the hell out of him for lying to him today, little did he know, that Rohit didn’t lie only today, but he was lying to him from day one.

Tej’s car parked infront of the door indicated that he was in the mansion, but Shivaay didn’t know that he was going to get the biggest shock of his life. The man he had trusted so much, was using him as a pawn for his own benefit.

“I’m observing you since the day Shivaay took away my Dreamstress away from me and one thing, that I know for sure is, that you hate her and I also know that you have been lying to Shivaay all along. Tell me, why ? Or else you’ll be dead the next minute.” Asked Tej and pointed a gun at Rohit’s head.

“I saw her almost a year ago, in the cafe where she works. One look of her had made me restless, when I had seen her for the first time. I just.. I just wanted her on my bed, anyhow. I tried to befriend her but she showed no interest in me, and that made my obsession even worse. So I shifted in her colony and gained her trust by showing sympathy for his old grandmother who was in coma. Even her Chacha Chachi were ready to sell her but.. but she got to know my intentions and insulted me infront of the whole colony. That day I had pledged to fulfil my wish as well as to destroy her.” Rohit told, with utter hatred in his voice.

“When you saw her in the bar as a waitress, I was there. The look on your face had told me that I don’t need to do anything. The day Priyanka saw you with your mistress in the farmhouse, the same day you asked your goons to kidnap Anika. I thought, when you’ll make her your mistress, her so called self respect that she’s so proud of, will be ruined and she would die out of self humiliation only, but.. but your son ruined everything. But gladly, that fool asked me to get the information about Anika and I just gave him the wrong details. Rest he did himself.” Rohit’s words hit him like a thunderstorm that swept the ground beneath his feet.

Leaning his head on to the pillar he was hiding behind, he cried silently, shed tears for the first time in his life. His one wrong step had destroyed so much, most importantly, it destroyed an innocent girl’s life. After that, what he heard was, a gun shot and an evil laughter echoing through the darkness of the mansion.

“How could you think, you fool, that you would keep an eye on my Dreamstress, you would tell me about your desire to get your hands on her and I’ll leave you ?” Asked an angry Tej from Rohit’s corpse and shot him until the gun had no bullets in it and then kicked him hard and his words that he said before leaving the mansion, kept resonating in Shivaay’s mind.

“What’s mine, is mine. The real game begans, now.”


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