10. Love and Kindness are never wasted

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Hlo darlings


The vast, cloudy sky, the damp roads, the trees, freshly washed by the heavy downpour this morning, the freshness of the air and the slight drizzling refreshed her senses as she exited the mansion. She deeply inhaled the air and enjoyed the little freedom after whole two months.

Shivaay’s behaviour in last few days, was nothing short of a dream, not that it was like he was behaving like a prince charming, but he behaved less beastly. Infact, she didn’t see him more often these days because he left the mansion before she wakes up and comes home only after midnight.

The other members of the family had started avoiding her to the fullest, but they didn’t taunt her and accused her with their looks, and she was thankful to God for this. Today, when no one was at home, she grabbed the opportunity and left the mansion, to go to temple to pray for the well being of her grandmother and then, to go to hospital to see her. And she had a little hope in her heart, that she would be able to ask for help from Dr. Shalini in clearing Shivaay and his family’s misunderstanding about her. She couldn’t help seeing Dr. Shalini as an angel, as the lady was helping her so much. She saved her grandmother and she was paying the hospital bills also.

The serenity and the peaceful atmosphere of the temple, not only calmed her mind, soul and body, but it also calmed her fears. She didn’t wish for anything but her Dadi’s welfare, she wished if she could see her Dadi atleast once, walking, talking and smiling happily, and after that she’d even accept her death.

As she descended down the temple stairs, she saw an old lady crying and two goons forcing her to remove the expensive jewellery she was wearing. She looked around, at the people who stood like statues, watching the old lady’s helplessness. She doesn’t hate people who are cruel, but she hates those who don’t go ahead to help someone.

“No, these bangles are really precious to me, not because these are expensive, but because my husband had gifted these to me. Please don’t take these.” The old lady cried hard and joined her wrinkled hands helplessly infront of the goons who gave deaf ears to her pleadings.

When the lady denied to give those bangles to them, they started to misbehave with her and then tried to stab her, but thankfully, Anika was close to them and she successfully saved the old lady.

The sudden pain in her stomach after being stabbed was so severe that she lost her consciousness almost immidiately, all she could witness was the scared faces of those goons and then, a faint voice of someone shouting, “Mam !!”

When she opened her eyes, she was in the hospital, with that old lady sitting on a chair, beside her bed. She tried to get up, but the pain in her stomach didn’t let her move.

“Are you okay ? Should I call the doctor ?” Asked the lady and Anika, though it was paining, nodded her head in no and smiled.

“What’s your name, beta ?” the lady asked and caressed Anika’s head, making her feel like her own Dadi was there, and she answered her question meekly.

“You don’t have any idea what you’ve done for me, I would never be able to thank you enough for this kindness you’ve showed, Anika.” The lady said and Anika smiled before replying, “You don’t have to thank me, Aunty ji, and about kindness, love and kindness can never get wasted, right ? I would’ve felt guilty if I had not done anything.”

“Ok, if you feel so, but stop calling me Aunty, I’m just like your own Dadi, so call me that.” The lady smiled and Anika too, smiled, feeling nostalgic. This lady was exactly like her dadi because such kind of love, only her Dadi could give her.

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