Thanks for everything

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Jackie arrived at 24 Rosetree Street on Wednesday afternoon, letting himself in to flat 2 with his own key since Andie's text had said she would be at work all day. She'd said there was something wrong with the boiler and asked him to come and have a look at it, but when he walked inside, the first thing he noticed was how empty the place felt. Of course the furniture was still there, but there was nothing else. No trace of Andie remained. The second thing he noticed was the keyring on the floor, just in front of the letterbox, with two sets of keys. Andie was gone and Jackie was angry for a moment, until he saw the pile of cash on the coffee table in the living room. There was a note with the cash, with his name at the top.


I'm sorry for leaving like this. I wanted to keep it quiet and this seemed like the best way. I've left three months' rent and you can keep my deposit. The flat is clean and everything that was there when I moved in is still there now. The council tax and utility bills are all up to date and there are proofs and receipts next to the cash.

I have one favour to ask you, if you don't mind. There's a letter for Hugh on the table next to the money. Could you please drop it round to him? I've left a vacuum cleaner and a microwave that I bought, so hopefully that'll compensate you for your trouble.

Thanks for the flat and for being a good landlord. Thanks for everything.

All the best,

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