You raised me well

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Alice Valentine was alerted by an onslaught of beeping and buzzing as the boat crossed the invisible line between the great beyond and the realms of phone reception and mobile internet. The notifications showed twelve missed calls, sixteen text messages and thirty-two emails. Most of the missed calls and one of the emails were from her granddaughter, although it was from an address Alice hadn't seen before. She opened the email and a proud smile spread across her face as she read.


I tried to phone a few times over the last few days but you must be out of range. I hope you and Mike are having fun wherever you're exploring now. I've sucked at keeping in touch and I'm sorry about that. Things have been a bit crazy here.

So, I've got exciting news to share! I'm moving away. I'll still be in Scotland but I'll be leaving Edinburgh next month and heading up north. Don't panic, I've got a job lined up, and somewhere to live. I'm going to be working in a lovely wee hotel in the middle of nowhere and I'll have my own room. I was up there with Hugh for work a few weeks ago and got chatting to Morag, the woman who runs the place. We got on really well and she offered me a job. I know it seems a bit random but it's definitely the right thing for me and it's the right time for a change.

I'll be getting a new phone over the next few days so I'll send you my new number when I get it sorted. I've been putting away some of the money I get from the removal work with Hugh, so I'm all good and I promise I'm not skipping out on my rent or anything dodgy like that. You raised me well. Probably cause you lived through the sixties ;-)

The people who bought our old flat were in the coffee shop the other day. They've had a baby and she's a sweet wee soul. It's weird to think she's probably sleeping in my old bedroom. I hope she's as happy there as I was.

Take care of yourself. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Love you millions.

Andie xx

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