I don't want any crying, OK?

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Peg Wallace lifted her coat off the hook in the small cloakroom at the back of the coffee shop. As she shrugged it on and reached for her keys in the pocket, she found an envelope tucked in next to the keys. Her name was on the front, in Andie's handwriting.


I know I'm going to see you tomorrow when I get in for work but I also know you'll either try to talk me out of this or I'll see your face and feel so bad that I'll chicken out of saying anything.

This is my month's notice for my job. I want to give you as much time as I can to find someone to replace me or talk the rest of them into taking on more hours. Dean mentioned a while back that he could do with more money, but don't tell him I told you. If you do get someone new and they start before I go, I'll help train them if you want me to.

I'm leaving Edinburgh but I need to tell people in my own time so please don't let on to any of the customers or say anything if Hugh or any of my other friends come in. I know this sounds shady, but it's not. It's just hard for me to do this and I need space to figure out how to do it.

Working with you has been amazing and I'll miss you like crazy. Thank you so much for giving me the job, teaching me how to do everything and putting up with me for so long. I feel like I've grown up in the shop. Just so you know, if I get in tomorrow and you cry, I'll cry too and I don't want any crying, OK?


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