Milk (fluff~)

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They were practicing the Choreography for Boy with love
Everyone was really tired.. Like who the hell practices 12 in the midnight, Jungkook was getting tired and go to Taehyung who was practicing the chorus with Hobi and Chim, the Choreographer told them to get a rest and go back tomorrow.

They arrived at they're dorm around 1 a.m Jungkook and Taehyung directly went to there shared room and took a quick shower before changing into comfortable clothes, Jungkook reached into the drawer finding his Bottle when he notice that there's no milk left he looked at Tae with pleading in his eyes "Hyung I have no milk left.." he said quietly not wanting to anger the older knowing he was extremely tired "Give me your bottle baby" he said standing up
Jungkook immediately gives him the bottle and observed Tae as he was heading to the bathroom he grabbed his phone.

After 20 mins Taehyung came back with the bottle full of his love and give it to Jungkook immediately "Daddy, Cuddles?"
The younger ask sucking the bottle "ofcourse baby" Tae held his tiny waist and pat Jungkook bum "I wanna talk about the Rumours about you Tae..." the younger said turning to the other side so he could face him "Is it real that You are D-dating Jihyu seonbae by secret?" The younger ask blinking his big doe eyes "That is not real baby, I only got my eyes on you" Tae reminded him.

I love you sweetie
I love you to Hun

They said to each other before drifting into dreamland.

-Kookie Ni Taetae💞

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