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"Brandon I'm honestly begging you like if you knew how wet I am right now" she said

"Baby girl do you not get it I'd fuck you so good right now but I actually give a fuck about you ion care how much you beg me I will not fuck you"

"I got way to much respect for you to fuck you whilst you on a pill" I said

"Please" she begged

I push my engine and pull out of the drive way as she stares at me licking her lips as she scans my face

"Baby-" I cut her off
"Baby, I can't" I said

She continued to stare at me

"I should've asked Prince" she said
"The fuck you just say?" I slammed on my brakes

"I'm kidding daddy" she bites her lip
"Daddy?" I grinned
"Yeo stop with that sexy ass shit baby" I grinned

"Why don't you love me daddy" she whispered in my ear
"Mami for real stop" I grinned

"If you could taste me right now you'd be so fucking amazed" she said

"When the fuck did you learn to talk like this holy SHIIIIII!" I yelled
"STILL NOT FUCKIN YOU BABY GIRL" I yelled as I blasted music

I blasted music so loud so I could no longer hear her

I pulled up to her house and lowered the music almost turning it off

"Bye gorgeous" I said
She smiled softly instead of sexually

She just stared so I kissed her softly

She went deeper into the kiss trying to put tongue into the mix and I accepted

She unbuckled her seat belt still having her lips connected to mine

She crawled over the console sitting on my lap

She grabbed the back of my neck pulling me deeper into the kiss

She starts to grind on my causing me to become a bit hard

I disconnect my lips from hers and kissed her neck

"Shit baby" I put my head up straight grabbing her waist
"Its getting late" I said looking up at her

"Wanna come in?" She asked

"No mamas" I said looking her in the eyes I open my car door and moved my head to the side indicating for her to get out

She shook her head no as she bit her lip

"Baby go and like finger yourself of sum" I said

"You should finger me" she grinned

"I ain't fingering nobody" I grabbed onto her as I got out of my car holding onto her I wasn't wearing my seat belt so I didn't need to unbuckle myself

"Okay mamas go inside" I said fam
put her down
She stared at Me in disappointment

"I don't wanna do things when its not fully you, trust me its not worth it" I said looking at her eyes

"So please don't make this harder than it already is" I said to her

"Goodnight mama" I licked my lips as I looked at hers but quickly turned away and entered my car

I pushed the engine and looked down at my steering wheel as I heard her walk away my eyes then followed her to her house as she entered

I then knew it was time to go

I drove back to Gawas and sat in my car for a bit and got a snap from Billie

I opened it and she was sucking on her fingers

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