Perfect timing. Now...

You drew your ax and turned around. going to keep watching us or are you going to show yourself.

There was some laughter followed by a small breeze bringing some dust over in front of you. When it was gone, a girl stood in front of you.

??? "I am Karlamine, a knight in the service of lord Rizer. To be honest I'm impressed you were able to detect me."

Kiba you take this one?

Kiba "Sure, I've always wanted to fight another knight."

Then show her no mercy.

The two started clashing and it was you an issei left.

Issei "Well, it'd be rude to get in the way of them."

Yeah, but we'll be busy. Turn around. 

You both turned around and saw a girl that looked like she had half the face of a terminator, one with blonde twin twirls, a pair of catgirls, a girl with another giant sword on her back, and another girl wearing a flower style kimono. The girl with blonde tornadoes spoke first. 

??? "I'm impressed, but I can't tell what I'm looking at. Rias has the worst taste in boys."

Issei "HEY!"

??? "But you, well I can't even see you."

That's the point. Issei.

Issei summoned his boosted gear and pointed it at her. She turned away and put her hand in that direction. 

??? "Ew, don't point that thing at me. I have no intention of fighting you."

Fine, then who?

The terminator looking girl began walking towards you.

??? "I am Isabella, a rook in the service of the honorable lord Rizer Phoenix."

Honorable, please. The bird is, wanna see him?

You whistled and your phoenix came to land on your shoulder. She snuggled against you and you scratched her head before turning back to the girl.

Now, I'm a nice guy. So how about this?

You looked at all of them. 

You could turn away and surrender your positions, and I'll let you go unharmed. If you don't, well you'll end up like your friends. HATI!

Hati walked next to you and sat down. Her necklace lit up and it showed the replay of you fighting those three girls from earlier. When it was done Hati walked off to the side.

Now, what's your choice?

She responded by charging at you.

*Sigh* That's a shame.

You caught her fist with your hand, the wind blowing in every direction and hole's in your cloak appearing from the force.

I was hoping we could get along, but...

You twisted her hand towards her and she began trying to push it back so it wouldn't break. She even tried using two hands but to no avail.

...I can see that's no longer an option. 

You pulled her wrist towards you and you headbutted her. She backed off holding her head. The phoenix on your shoulder squawked.

Hey girl, mind giving me a hand?

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