...And Ends

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You looked at her.


She merely chuckled. 

"I'm sorry..."

You looked at the source of the strained voice and saw Koneko's yellow eye's look into yours.

Koneko "I-I just wanted to.......to serve Rias well."

I know, I know, and you did a good job of it. I promise you she'll be proud of you just as much as I am. Now rest easy, we'll take it from here.

Her body was enveloped in a light blue aura. Her body then transformed into a bunch of different balls as they flew into the air. 

Issei "Koneko no!"

He tried to grab some of the balls but to no avail. The queen began laughing before you stood up and looked at issei. He was visibly shaking before your very eye's. He stood up and began yelling.


Easy Issei.

You stood up and looked at him.

When someone can no longer fight their transported to a place where they can be treated for their wounds. 

You put your hand on his shoulder. 

She's not dead, but merely being treated somewhere else. 

Issei looked at you.

So, instead of being mad over this. Do as I taught you during your training, remember.

You put your finger on his head.

Control this.

You then grabbed his wrist.

And you can master this. 

You heard laughter from behind you and looked to see the purple hair bitch still standing there.

Bitch "Are you really trying to bring him up at a time like this? Just give up little boy's, you can't win."

You saw a shrine maiden outfit float in front of you, but you couldn't mistake that hair. 

Akeno "Well isn't this a surprise?"

Issei "Akeno!"

You looked at Issei, then back at Akeno.


She turned towards you. 

Me and Issei will leave you to her, we're going to go and see if we can't take out some others. Good luck. 

She nodded before you and Issei left and ran to the track field, but Issei wasn't with you.

Huh, where'd he go? 

"Y/n, do you read?"

You put your finger up to your ear.

Go Rias.

Rias "I'll be launching a sneak attack on Rizer with Asia so I'm going to need as many of his pieces away from the main base as possible."

A sneak attack huh? You got it. 

Rias "Issei and Kiba should be joining you momentarily, good luck."

Thanks, will do.

You removed your finger and turned around to see the two of them running up to you.

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