Chapter Seventeen

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My heart melted as I looked down at the tiny newborn in my hands. He had a little patch of blond hair and big blue eyes like the rest of us. Like I predicted, mom named him Antonio; when I heard what she named him I almost passed out from laughing too much.

A knock came on the door and immediately opened right after. A younger looking nurse in blue scrubs walked in and smiled at us. "Hi, my names Emily and I'll be your night time nurse. How are you feeling?" She smiled at mom and began writing on the small white board that was next to mom's bed.

"Been better, but I feel alright." Mom shrugged.

"Well that's good. Where is the little guy?" She asked. She spotted him in my arms and walked over. "He's so tiny." She cooed as she passed her hands over his small head.

"That's what girls say about my other brother too." I said and nodded my heads towards Austin who was sitting in a chair by the window.

The nurse chuckled while Austin glared at me. He was still upset that he caught me talking to Jason and hadn't spoken a word to me since the cafeteria.

"I'm just gonna take the baby real quick to run some tests on him and make sure he's completely healthy and then we're gonna do the circumcision."

I handed the baby to the nurse and watched as she wrapped him up in a blanket and placed him in the bassinet so she could roll him out of the room. Once she left, the four of us sat silence, not knowing what to say or do.

"So how was school?" Mom finally broke the silence.

Austin shrugged and I mumbled 'okay'. As bad as it may sound, I didn't want to be here; I wanted to be with Jason right now. Finally seeing and talking to him after nearly two weeks of no communication felt wonderful.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Dad asked as he slouched in his chair and flipped through the channels on the small TV.

"Nothing." We both answered.

Mom sighed and awkwardly shifted in the bed until she was comfortable again. "Are you guys still mad at your father and I?"

A pang of guilt hit me in the stomach at her remark. This woman just pushed another baby out a little while ago and she's more concerned about her two bratty teenagers than her own health? I went to answer, but dad beat me to it.

"Who cares if they are? They shouldn't have pulled that stunt this summer." Dad huffed and kept his attention on the TV.

"Whatever, can we leave? We got school in the morning." Austin snapped from his seat by the window and stood up. Without even waiting for an answer he stormed out of the room, leaving the rest of us in an awkward silence.

"You better go sweetie before he leaves you." Mom sighed and gave me a weak smile.

I didn't wanna be anywhere near Austin, especially when he's mad at me. I didn't have a choice right now though, he was my only ride and I did have to leave so I can get some sleep for tomorrow.

"Alright. I'll see you when you guys come home." I gave them each a hug and waved goodbye before exiting the room.

After finding my way out the confusing hospital I found Austin sulking in his truck like a spoiled child. I climbed inside and buckled my seat belt as he sped out the parking lot.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I snapped at my hormonal twin. "Ever since we got back from camp you've been so moody, it's annoying as shit."

"Just drop it alright?" He demanded and gave me a slight glare as he continued to sulk and pout from his side of the truck.

Anyone in their right mind would have dropped the argument, but I was stubborn and I was sick of living in tension for the past few weeks. It was like walking on eggshells around Austin because you never knew when he was gonna snap at you or not.

"No, I'm not going to drop it! You've been so crabby lately that it's making everyone feel uncomfortable. If you're mad at me then just say it already, don't take it out on mom and dad."

We stopped at a red light and Austin gripped down hard on the steering wheel. His jaw was clenched and he stared straight forward. "Fine! Yes I'm mad at you Dallas. Is that what you wanted to hear?" He yelled and stomped on the gas as the light turned green again.

"Why Austin? What the hell did I ever do to you? After covering for you this summer you should be kissing the ground I walk on! The only reason we got caught is-"

My passion filled rant was cut short by Austin firing back at me with his own rant. "I'm not mad at you for the whole camp thing! I'm pissed off because you went and fell for Jason! Of all people to like you decide to like Jason Perry?! I'd rather you date Evan than date Jason!"

"What is so wrong with Jason! Yes, he can be arrogant but so are you! And I don't like him like that! We're just friends you idiot."

I was tired of arguing with my brother about Jason when there wasn't anything to argue about in the first place. Jason and I were just friends, if that. I'm sure he has a girlfriend at whatever school he goes to.

"Yeah right! You guys were getting ready to eat each others faces off at the hospital!" Austin's face turned red in anger as he thought back to seeing Jason and I eating together in the hospital cafeteria.

Austin sped into the driveway and climbed out the truck without another word. He barged through the front door and I followed after him, tempted to argue some more about this ridiculous issue, but the sound of his bedroom door slamming changed my mind. I could hear the pictures on the wall shake and a second later one of them actually fell. I sighed and grabbed the broom and dustpan before making my way down the hall so I could clean up the mess he made.

When I saw what picture broke I felt my heart break; it was a picture of Austin and I as kids at some kind of fair. I was distracted with something in the picture while Austin was looking at me with a smile. Right down the middle of the glass was a huge crack, in a way separating the two of us.

Holding back tears of frustration I swept up the broken glass that felt much like my relationship with Austin right now.


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