Chapter 31

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Family Fury

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Lilly's POV:

          "Lilly, I'm going to need you to write a thorough explaination of what happened in an essay." General Forson explained as I stared down at the desk. "Look, I know it's hard. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do." He reminded me as he handed me some paperwork I had to fill out. "Have you ever had to..." I said unable to finish my sentence. "Yes, many times. I am not proud of it but you just have to move on. If I didn't think you could handle it, I wouldn't let you gobon that mission. I knew you would go. That's why I sent Christina." He replied. "Wow, you're good." I said standing up. "It'll be okay." He said standing up to give me a quick hug. "Dismissed." I was already leaving though. I was too embarrassed. 

          I walked towards my room to write up this stupid explanation. I just wanted to forget about everything. I just wish sometimes that my life was normal. If it was though I would never have this awesome spy experience. 

       We were leaving for home in four days and I couldn't wait. The first thing I am going to do is track down Marcus and beat the living shit out of him. I know he had done things to me before and I don't even know why, but messing with national security and my family just brings it too far. Someone could've died!

Somebody did die, stupid. And you caused it.

Shut up brain.

         I'm talking to myself now? Huh, I must've really been messed up. As I walked, I heard a hushed yelling. I went to unvestigate only to find my parents at it again. "You never stop. You constantly blame me for what I did when you almost killed our daughter." My mother hissed. "You almost did too! We were brainwashed! You turned them both against me that whole time. They will never trust, respect, or love me again. My own kids!" My father said with disgust laced in his voice. I couldn't listen anymore. They have been like this before the recapture and now again. It is so tiring. Hopefully it's just because of the stress. Hopefully.

        I decided to procrastinate on my stupid essay (no surprise there) and I went to the food court. "Hey Lilly." Kaitie said as she saw me. "Hey. I think we should have a girls' night soon. What do you think?" I said knowing I needed to talk and bond with her. I need my best friend because she knows best. "Of course! How about after we beat up Marcus when we get back." She suggested. "How did you know about that?" I asked surprised. "I'm your best friend, I know what you think before you think it." She said with sass as she got up to toss away her leftovers. She came back to sit down and I pressed my finger to my temples, closing my eyes. "What's wrong?" She asked quietly. "Everything." I breathed out in a low tone. "Okay it's time for some fun. Let's do makeovers and then drag our sexy boufriends out to do something." She winked as she saw my mood lighten up a bit. "It's go time." I replied as she dialed the boys'.

          "So where are we going?" I asked as we headed to Kaitie's dorm for her makeover. "We are going to go.....drum roll please.... to a southern dance club. Like the one they went to in Footloose. The one woth Julianne Hough in it. Sounds fun right?!" She jumped excitedly as we approached her door. "Well... I know how to do that kind of dancing and all but.... I'm not sure..." I trailed off. I hadn't done country dancing since I was like 13. "You love it. Come on we used to have the best time!" She exclaimed while pulling out her makeup and hair equipment.  "I do love it. Alright fine." I gave in. How could I say no?

          "Turn." Kaitie said as she finished off on my look. I dressed her in a form fitting, blue flannel that was slightly cropped, matched with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some boots. We live in Georgia, we always carry our boots with us. She dresses me in a red flannel that matched hers with light wash jean shorts that weren't too short. They reached a little over mid-thigh. I was finished off with my boots on my feet and I was ready to go.

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