Hongjoong/Seonghwa - Exhausted *M**Request*

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Hongjoong groaned and bit Seonghwa's lower lip and worked it back and forth. Seonghwa squeezed in response and the younger bucked his hips. "Is someone needy tonight?" Hongjoong growled, moving to suck on the other's jaw and ears.

Seonghwa hummed in response and kept working his hand over the hard length he held, feeling himself getting harder in return. "Yes. I need you, Joongie."

Hongjoong latched onto the crook of his neck where it met his jaw and sucked, very much intending on leaving a mark. He placed another one below that, bringing out deep moans from Seonghwa.

"I love hearing you moan for me." He said, starting to trail kisses down the older's chest. He moved one hand down to graze against his clothed member, making the other squirm below him. "Let's get these off, shall we?"  He kissed along the edge of the other's pants, teasing him.

Seonghwa just nodded his head and whimpered.

Hongjoong slowly worked at the button and zipper, then hooked his fingers and pulled down the jeans. He gasped and heard Seonghwa chuckle a little. Pulling down the jeans had reviled lacy, black underwear that hugged the older in all the right ways.

"Hwa... You're... God, you're beautiful." Hongjoong whispered, unable to look away from his boyfriend.

Seonghwa turned red, but he reached out and took Hongjoong's hand. The look in his eyes said it all. The love he felt for the other made him glow as he smiled.

They sat there for a long moment, just looking at each other. Then Hongjoong leaned forward and kissed him again. Keeping it deep, passionate, and slow. He needed to remember every feeling, every twitch, every taste.

Seonghwa rolled them onto their sides. Their legs were intertwined at the end of the bed as their hands roamed over each other's backs. They pulled on each other, desperate to fill any gap between them as their members rubbed against each other, causing them to moan and gasp.

"Please, love, I can't wait anymore." Seonghwa whispered against Hongjoong's lips.

The younger pushed Seonghwa onto his back again and left a trail of kisses down his stomach. When he got to the lace panties, he smirked and grabbed the edge of it with his teeth, working to pull them down.

Seonghwa's legs trembled at the motion and he let out a long sigh as Hongjoong followed the motion with his hands. Once the panties were removed, he kissed his way back up the perfect legs.

Then he leaned forward and pressed his tongue to Seonghwa's entrance while reaching up to grab his length, stroking it gently.

The older gasped and arched his back. "Joong..." He moaned as he pressed his head into the pillow.

Then he added a finger, pushing it in as far as he could and crooking it, rubbing against his walls while swirling his tongue in circles.

Slowly, he added a second and third finger, scissoring him open to help with the stretch. Seonghwa moaned and rocked his hips to match Hongjoong's movements. Then he cried out and clutched the bed sheets as Hongjoong rubbed his fingers against the older's sweet spot.

"That's it. Let me hear you." Hongjoong said before taking Seonghwa's length in his mouth, bobbing up and down quickly.

Seonghwa melted and became a mess of moans as he felt his climax coming. Hongjoong hummed and he continued to suck, adding to the sensation.

Then he pulled away and stopped all contact. Hongjoong admired the way Seonghwa's chest rose and fell quickly as he panted.

He smiled and moved closer, gathering up some of the slick he had created and rubbed it over his throbbing member then lined it up with Seonghwa's entrance.

They locked eyes and Seonghwa bit his lip. Hongjoong growled a little and started pushing himself in.

"Joongie." Seonghwa moaned, low and slow, and his head tilted back while his mouth remained open. "Please, faster. I need you my love."

Hongjoong exhaled sharply at the other's words and he stopped for a moment. His heart felt so full as he leaned forward and connected their lips again. It was hard for him not to rock his hips, but he just wanted to feel this moment. He loved how warm Seonghwa felt around him, how when he clenched it brought him deeper in, how it felt like he was finally complete as they laid there, connected in the most intimate way any two people could be.

Seonghwa tangled his fingers in Hongjoong's hair and plunged his tongue into the younger's mouth, taking over for once. As much as he loved feeling full, though, he needed more. He wriggled his hips and Hongjoong chuckled into the kiss. "Ok, ok." He whispered, then pulled out and pushed back into Seonghwa slowly.

The older whimpered and sucked on Hongjoong's lower lip. He sighed and started picking up the pace. He broke the kiss so he could pick up Seonghwa's legs, using the new angle to thrust into him even deeper.

"Right there!" Seonghwa cried out, fisting the sheets.

"I've got you baby, I've got you." Hongjoong said, kissing Seonghwa's legs.

He felt himself getting closer and was torn between keeping Seonghwa in this position or stroking him to help him along.

As if reading his mind, Seonghwa grabbed himself and started pumping in time with the younger's thrusts.

They called out each other's names as Hongjoong came inside the older, and Seonghwa came all over his hand.

Hongjoong lowered Seonghwa's legs, slowly, and reached for his hand to lick it clean. "You taste so good baby." He purred, then finally pulled himself out.

Seonghwa smiled, then made grabby hands and let out a small whine. Hongjoong chuckled and moved to lay down with him in the bed. He placed small kisses on Seonghwa's lips, still wanting to taste him.

"Feeling better?" Seonghwa whispered, turning and nuzzling into Hongjoong's neck.

"So much better. Thank you, my love."

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