Happy Birthday Leo!

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Hey guys! It's Leo's birthday today so I'll make a one shot for him. This is where he travels to Calypsos island and it's his birthday. It's not how he dies it's just how I made it.

Leo landed Festus on the beach of Ogygia and walked towards Calypsos cave, he stopped at the entrance and smirked, "knock, knock, can I come in?" He heard a screech, yelling, I few crashes before a pot was thrown at his head. He barely missed it as Calypso came barreling out and into his arms. "Woah sunshine, didn't think you missed me that much," He smiled, grinning. Calypso rolled her eyes and punched his shoulder, "shut up repair boy," she mumbled as she smashed her lips against his. He smiled into it.

She pulled back and looked him up and down. Her eyes settled on his eyes. "Happy birthday," she whispered. "Huh?" Leo asked confusingly. Calypso rolled her eyes. "It's your birthday today silly." Leo thought for a second. "Wait, it is my birthday, I'm 17 now! Yes! But.. but how'd you know?" He asked. Calypso shook her head. "Hephaestus, your dad, visited me a few days ago, he claimed it was your birthday in 6 days so I counted them, like you did when you were last here. I made a present. I was going to send it across the ocean but, you're here now. So come with me!" With that she ran back to the cave. He quickly followed her and when she came back she had a lantern in her hands with Hephaestus' symbol on the front, it was glowing red and orange, "come," she said and ran towards the beach towards Festus.

They arrived and it was dark, stars sparkles in the sky. They sat down on the sand, their backs to Festus' body. Calypso raised the lantern with Leo's hands covering hers, they then let go and watched it sail across the sky. Calypso put her head against Leo's shoulder. She sighed happily and soon enough she was asleep as Leo kissed her head and rested his head back against Festus. He had the girl he loved and everyone was alive, some were lost in the war but his friends were still alive and well. This was the birthday he wanted, he loved it.

Edit: Cameron Boyce is dead and I'm so sad cause he was my favourite Jessie actor. I don't exactly watch descendants. Rip. Soz this has nothing to do with the book. Bye.


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