Chapter Twelve

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"You know you really shouldn't be here" Killer Frost growled, her gaze growing colder as she stared Carla down. The ice goddess's right hand held a blast of below zero air with the older doctor's name on it. She was just waiting for Caitlin's approval.

"Stay inside. This is my fight" Caitlin plead with Killer Frost in their shared headspace.

"Are you sure?" Killer Frost asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for having my back, though" Caitlin answered.

"Alright. Stay strong, Caity. You know where to find me" Killer Frost replied as she took a deep breath and melted back into Caitlin.

"That's better, isn't it?" Carla asked, the slightest of smiles crept upon her face as her gaze went from her daughter to her grandson.

The pair hadn't spoken since Caitlin's unsuccessful trip to Tannhauser Industries to find a way to rid herself of Killer Frost's powers. Neither of them had dared to make the first move until Wyatt began to stir.

"Can you just tell me what you're really doing here?" Caitlin asked, cutting through the intense silence; her tone void of emotion.

"Well that depends" Carla answered. "Can you tell me why I had to hear about becoming a grandmother from a friend of yours I've only ever met once. Cisco Ramon".

Caitlin suddenly felt an uncomfortable sensation course throughout her body; one which she could only associate with the time she and Barry finished a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. It was as if her insides were on fire. But she couldn't be mad at Cisco. She deduced that he was probably so excited about the baby's arrival that he might not have been thinking about his actions. He might have assumed that Caitlin had at least told her mom and given her the option of being involved. After all, no one but Barry knew the reason behind their falling out.

Caitlin released a fist she didn't know she was making. As a result, the pressure from her fingernails left dents in her palms; which were sure to scar. Her eyes shifted from left to right as she bit down on her lower lip before finally answering.

"I guess I was just afraid. The last time we saw each other didn't go so well. And do you not remember what happened the last time you found out I was pregnant?" Caitlin asked, her brown eyes widening. She was careful not to raise her voice, thinking that it would upset the baby.

"Can you blame me for being concerned for your future? You were sixteen and still had so much ahead of you. Do you think if you kept him you would be anywhere near where you are today? I was simply guiding you towards your best chance" Carla replied, calmly but firmly.

Caitlin suddenly felt as if she were on a roll. The resentful creature in her chest that had been locked up for too long roared with triumph; finally free from a lifetime of imprisonment. She confronted her mother about the past, the fact that Carla had agreed to help Caitlin with her powers but only for her own gain. But most importantly, that she had been lied to about her father.

"After all the times you've torn me down and deceived me, why should I give you another chance?" Caitlin said.

"Because we're all each other has left. You're father may be alive but he is not the man I married" Carla said. "And I just want to make sure this is what you really want. I just don't want you running off to another city when things get too rough".

"You're wrong" Caitlin said as she thought about everyone on Team Flash. But mostly, she thought of Barry. "Times have changed, mother. I've changed. I'm not sixteen anymore and I'm not alone this time".

Carla tilted her head in confusion. Caitlin opened her phone to the homescreen and handed it to her mother. The photo had changed from her and Barry on their wedding day to the photo of Barry's first time feeding Wyatt.

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