Clearing Things Up

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Q: Can I be a little if it's nonsexual?

A: Yes! Your littlespace is defined by you, whether it is sexual or not.

Q: Can I be more than one role (ex; little and pet)?

A: Yes! You can have as many roles as you desire!

Comment: "DDLG/Variants are not a kink!" "It's not a kink for me" "I'm nonsexual"

Fact: CGL and it's variants are a kink! If you partake in these communities, you are a little in kink. It doesn't matter if it is nonsexual for you. There are some in the community that consider it a sexual, kinky activity hence why it is a kink. You can be a little and have a nonsexual littlespace, but when you choose to partake in these communities you an no longer label yourself an age regressor without putting minors (or age regressors that are triggered by the CGL community) in harms way by exposing them to the kink communities.

"But minors expose themselves to the kink communities!"

Yes, they do. It is part of growing up and exploring what they like versus what they do not. Should they actively partake in said communities/activities? Absolutely not, not until they come of age. They do deserve to be educated so that they can stay safe once they become of age, but by actively participating they are putting themselves at risk of being taken advantage of.

Also, not all minors expose themselves to such communities. This is where CROSSTAGGING comes into play.

What is crosstagging? It is the act of tagging something completely innocent with something not so innocent.

For example, using the tag "kitten" on Instagram when posting about kittenplay. That exposes people who like cats to the kink. A better tag to use would be "kittenplay" or "bdsmkitten". Another example would be using the tags "ageregression" and "ageplay" both in a post about littlespace. Something as simple as that could trigger age regressors because they use littlespace as a coping mechanism.

"But why should we care if it triggers them?"

1. They are valid human beings that deserve to have their feelings validated.

2. That could possible cause mental anguish and take them back in their progress to heal.

3. They could turn anti-cgl and we already have enough of those.

4. Just be a human being and respect their feelings. You would want the same.

Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to drop a comment down below (I'm more likely to see it than a message for some weird reason).

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