Do You Regret It?

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Chapter Twelve - Do You Regret It?

Viola's P.O.V

"You ready to go?" Violet asked. I was about to answer her but Matt beat me to it.

"Actually, I'm giving her a ride," Matt walked over to us, swinging his car keys on his finger. Violet raised her eyebrows as she looked back and forth at us.

"When did this become a thing?"

"What thing? There's nothing," I answered her quickly. Being nervous probably didn't help the situation. Violet chuckled to herself as she looked away.

"Well, I don't want to interrupt your little date. I'll see you home, Viola," Violet winked then walked away without another word. I couldn't even defend myself. This definitely wasn't a date.

I thanked Matt when he opened the car door for me. We decided to go see a movie then get something to eat after. I was playing with my milkshake when Matt cleared his throat. I slowly looked up at him. I smiled when I saw the gentle smile on his face.

"You okay? I can tell that you're thinking hard. Your face scrunches up when you think too hard." Violet was the only person who knew about that. Did Matt really pay attention to me that much?

"I was just thinking about what Violet said, the whole date thing."

"Does it bother you? If it was a date?" Matt went from happy to concerned. Matt couldn't possibly consider this as a date. He never asked me, and I was once involved with his best friend. Could he really have feelings for me?

"I guess not. It shocked me. Would it bother you?"

"Well, yeah because I haven't asked you. I'd rather ask you out," Matt smirked. I tried to hide my face when I felt my cheeks burn. "Would you like that?"

"I'd like that," I nodded.

"Cool," he sat back in his chair, smirking at me. Was that him asking me? He could be confusing sometimes, but it wasn't bad. Matt was totally different from Zain. I didn't want to compare them but I felt way more comfortable with Matt than Zain. There was always a problem with Zain. I had to worry about him disappearing or worry about him messing with his ex. I felt like Matt would never do that to me.

"How's the ice cream?" I tilted my head to the side and narrowed my eyes at him. How could he go from talking about dates to my ice cream? Matt laughed at my reaction. I swear this boy was crazy.

We finished ice cream then headed to my house. My parents would freak if I wasn't home by seven. After we pulled up to my house, I turned to him. He put the car in park then looked at me.

"I hope I wasn't too boring," he winked.

"You're not boring at all. Thank you for today."

"I know you said you had a stressful day at school so I thought you needed some fun. Do you want to hang out this weekend? I can find something for us to do."

"That sounds great. Thank you again, Matt." He smiled and nodded. I sat there waiting for him to say something else. I was sure he would lean over and kiss me but he just stared at me. "Alright then. I'll see you around," I grabbed my bag then opened the door. I was a little upset walking up to my house. I really thought he would end the night with a kiss. I sound so ridiculous but I couldn't help it. Matt was really fun to hang out with. It was a plus that he was a good kisser too. Violet was waiting inside the room when I got in. I rolled my eyes at her when she smirked at me.

"What, Violet?" She picked up a pillow then tossed it my way.

"You whore! You didn't tell me that you liked Matt. When did this happen? The cabin?" I began looking for clothes to change into. Our mom would kill us if we got in bed with clothes that we wore outside.

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