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"Are you sure you don't need to go to the doctor?" Zabdiel asked as he held my hair back when I threw up. I just loved listening to his beautiful accent no matter what emotion he was feeling. "I'm fine, maybe I have a fever since I feel warm." I said and I leaned against Zabdiel's chest. He rubbed my back and my head in a soothing way and he sang me my favorite song, Primera Cita from my favorite boyband CNCO. The members were Zachariah, Jonathan, Ricardo, Ethan, and Christian. They were my favorite and I made Zabdiel learn their songs so he can sing them to me. I was shocked that he actually liked them.

"Bebe, you have thrown up almost everyday and you've been using the bathroom a lot as well." He said, "Maybe you're dehydrated, I'll go get you some water." He said and I nodded. He carefully let go of me and he left, I carefully stood up and I brushed my teeth. He came back while I was halfway done, he saw me from the mirror and I brushed my teeth as if nothing happened.

"What time do we leave again?" I asked him as I spit and rinsed my mouth, "We leave in three hours." He said and I nodded. "Maybe I should cancel and reschedule with Erick and Juliana. We can maybe go next wee-" "Noo!" I said and he looked at me confused. "I mean, we tried so hard. I don't want to let them down. It's a very special day for them." I said, he frowned and nodded. He held my face with his hand and I leaned into his touch, "I just don't want you to get more sick while we are in Cuba." He said. I nodded but I really wanted to go to see if I'm pregnant or not. I've been getting small mood swings lately. I just want to tell Zabdiel that I might be pregnant but then I worry that if it's not true that I'll get his hopes up for no reason.

"I'll be fine, if I feel really bad then I'll let you know." I told him and he nodded and kissed my head. Today we are leaving for our two week stay in Cuba in Zabdiel's private jet.

After I got ready in a plain t shirt and some jeans I quickly made my way downstairs to make sure I had everything I needed to take to Cuba. They wanted desserts so I made like half of them already. I managed to make macaroons here in Puerto Rico also cookies and other small treats because they are easy to transport compared to the cake that they want. I have to make it in Cuba and I needed to make sure I had everything.

I saw as Zabdiel's men came in and out grabbing what I packed as well as Zabdiel. I just had a suitcase with enough clothes for our trip. "Is that everything?" Johann asked, I looked around the kitchen and I made my way under the sink. I opened the small covert and I saw the brown bottle with powder. "The poison. How could we forget that?" Johann jokes and I just handed it to him.

The flight to Cuba brought back a lot of memories of when I was tied up to the chair with Joel in front giving me fruit. I was angry and scared. I remember being kidnapped and if I'm being honest it does still upset me because no one should be taken by force anywhere.

I had a small sketch book and I was finishing a sketch of another cake idea in mind. The cake was the main attraction, it is going to be vanilla, pistachio, and lemon. They didn't want a pink and blue kind of party. They chose their favorite colors, Erick wanted yellow to be a boy and Juliana chose baby blue to be a girl.

It's funny that they don't know they're having twins. When they told us we were going to be the godparents and we agreed I didn't know we signed up to basically plan the gender reveal. They left Zabdiel and I hanging and we were planning it with whatever free time we had in order to make it a success.

Zabdiel was on a phone call finalizing some things with the new states and countries he took after killing Richard. I noticed that he stared a me while drawing and he had a smile on his face. I look out the window and I saw the clear waters, "tienes hambre?" I heard Zabdiel, i looked at him and I noticed he was talking to me. "Poquito." I shrugged and he nodded and left.