Chapter 6.5 A Wild Night

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Night Raid Base – Naruto's Bedroom

It was a quiet evening, everyone was in bed after a long day of work, the winds were calm and lightly caressing the trees, and the sound of water gently flowing down the river could be heard creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the Dragon Knight would be given a chance to rest.

Suddenly, Naruto felt a pair of warm arms suddenly wrapped around him, hands that were slowly rubbing his torso; a pair of legs that were not his own also coiled themselves around the lower half of his body. Moreover, two large lumps of flesh nuzzled deeply in his back. These were, no doubt, the features of an all too familiar woman.

"Hey there Naruto-kun~?" Leone whispered softly.

"Need me for something?" The Knight mused sarcastically.

"Well? How about we get down to business already? A man like you wouldn't mind another concubine in your harem would ya~" She teased lovingly.

"Very well," He concurred.

Without any more words, Leone reached up and turned his head to face her.

Following her gentle pull, Naruto turned his body over and laid on his back only to then look into her amber-colored eyes which had become filled with desire. She brought her face close to his closing her eyes and placing her lips on top of his. She kissed his lips lightly then started pushing herself into it making the contact deeper. Her right hand continued to caress his body gradually feeling the "meaty" texture of his muscular frame all the while gradually sliding her hand lower toward his pelvic region.

Her hand slid lower and lower until she arrived at where she wanted to touch. Already, she could feel Naruto's bulge coming from the underwear he had on. She giggled again as she broke away from the kiss.

"Your body is quite honest here," She observed him.

She rubbed the top of his crotch trying to stir him with more excitement. He squirmed slightly due to his sensitivity.

Leone began to pull on his underwear trying to get him to take them off which he gladly did after catching on to what she wanted. He reached down and pulled them off leaving him completely exposed underneath the covers like she was.

"Oh, my~," She said ascertaining his length, wrapping her hand gently around it and began to stroke him up and down which caused his manhood to swell becoming more and more erect.

"I bet this feels really good to you," Leone whispered in his ear.

She began to pick the pace; her strokes became longer and faster as she strove to make him excited.

"I want to play more before you let out that first load," Leone said.

Leaning up, Leone tossed the blankets over to the side and slid down toward his pelvic area and stroked him again. She kissed down his chest until she was hovering over it.

"Thanks for the meal," The wild woman said.

In that next instant, Leone had taken his penis into her mouth all the way down to the base. Her head began bobbing up and down as she sucked on him. She kept doing it repeatedly until she suddenly stopped. Naruto then looked down to see that she had taken his member and placed it between her breasts.

"Now let's see how much you got stored for me when I do this!" Leone boasted, squeezing her breasts tightly around his cock, she moved up and down.

An indescribable sensation of pleasure washed over Naruto causing him to grip his bed tightly. She stroked him intensely with her breasts, teasing the tip of his cock each time it broke through her cleavage. He felt that stirring feeling building up again in his pelvic region.

"Come on give it to me, shoot your stuff right now," She demanded to take his dick back into her mouth.

"Hell yeah!!" He gasped whilst releasing a torrent of fluid inside her mouth.

There was so much that it was spilling back out.

Leone, however, swallowed it all down her throat.

"Damn, that was really thick!" She sounded pleased when she was rubbing his cock again and spoke, "Hmm, it doesn't look like you are done either. Guess I'm gonna have to really wring it out of you good."

Positioning herself up by gently pressing on his chest, the blonde raised herself up and took his member in hand before slowly inserting inside her vagina. She then pushed her hips down and in one go, Naruto was completely engorged within her. He gasped in the sudden feeling of being inside of her.

"Wow, this is much bigger than I expected but it's a nice fit!" Leone boasted and winced in pleasure as she began to ride up and down on his cock.

"Oh FUCK! I can't even remember the last time I had a cock this good!" She declared moving faster and faster.

"I see you like being on to," Naruto joked as he held onto her hips.

"Good, just relax and let me do all the work," Leone said then she leaned down and kissed him deeply.

The wild woman sat back up and began to bounce up and down on the Knight. Thanks to this, her breasts bouncing all over in a rapid motion whilst her inner walls clenched around his cock making her tighter.

"I'm almost there just hold on a little longer!" Leone shouted as bounced on him faster and faster as his cock went deeper inside of her.


"Let's do it at the same time. Let it all out inside me, it's a safe day!" Leone panted, getting a nod from Naruto as they kept going.

Leone kept going and going until finally, she felt it. One final thrust was all it took for her to release her juices once more. Simultaneously, the knight had reached his climax spilling all his seed inside of her. The fluids mingled together and oozed out of her.

Leone then collapsed leaning on Naruto's chest.

"That was... amazing!!" Leone breathed heavily before kissing him once more.

"You know... Mine's room is right next to mine. She probably heard you moaning considering how loud you were," Naruto remarked jokingly.

"Then let's keep her listening to us all night~" Leone concluded only to begin stroking the knight yet again.

The two would catch no sleep tonight.

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