Chapter 2: No Choice!

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  • Dedicated to To Mariah Who Is my Best Friend and Sister!

Hey guys so I am going to try and add a good three pages more to this. I hope you like it because it will probably take me a while since I don't really have a train of thought. So its 7:02 pm right now! Lets see how long I will write for! K bye! P.S. I will be using lots of text talk when I get a text so try to get as much of it as you can! Oh and please comment! I hate it when people don't comment on my work!


"WHAT? I have to spend the summer with a man I haven't seen in like a century!? And not to mention that I have to leave my friends the ones I have seen like I don't know TODAY! I am not going and why don't I hear a we or you and your sisters? HUH? Oh yah because I am the one with no luck in the family!" I went balistic. I didn't give her a chance to interrupt because I was so mad now, I wasn't in the mood for anyone or anything!

"Honey, come down! It's not that bad. You will still get to keep your cell phone and you can stay in touch with your friends. You can call them everyday if you would like. Plus your going to CALIFORNIA! Thats where the beaches are! You could get a tan. And play beach volley ball. Oh and even get a new boyfriend. Course your father will have to meet him." she kept going on and on about the different things about dumb old California where the major hunks are.

Ugh! This was going to be a long summer. WAIT! I did not just agree to this?! NO! She has got me under her evil spell. I swear she and he will be the end of me. I took out my cell phone and started to text Mar.

Mar I hav 2g2 cali 4 da sum! dont want 2 leav u al! com vizit me pleez?! if u dont i wil b soo mad! but i undrstand if u dont ur bizy! k hav 2go pak! by luv u!!!!

And this would be the start of a terribles summer. I couldn't imagine what I would do to keep myself occupied while I was there. I guess I could by some good books. I did need to expand my book collection. At our school I was the best reader there and I am only a 9th grader. But most seniors were catching up with me. But not after this summer.

While I was packing I listened to some music. It calmed me down. I would definately bring my Ipod Touch. It was part of my life in a small device that came out when I was about eleven. My mom kept trying to get me to give it to her little girls and buy me a new one but I just couldn't let go of this one. Its like we've been through so much but so little.

I mostly read on it. I would occasionally go on the computer to and write some stories. I liked it because I could let my imagination run wild and others would know about it. But no one would post comments so it made me really mad about that but I kept writing or typing. Whichever. But lots of others were on too and some were born writers. The ones I mostly read were Fan-Fiction. Twilight Fan-Fiction.

I was almost done packing my clothes. Now I just needed to finish and I could start packing my books and other things that I guessed I would need. It wasn't much but I still had four bags that were really heavy.Luckily Tami the demond didn't pull her demond daughters out of school tosay goodbye to me. I wouldn't hug her or talk to her. Ijust nodded and tried to remember everything she said.

I sat in a coffee shop for almost half an hour waiting for my flight. She had given me money for food and other things. She had given my my allowance that she had missed giving me for the last couple months. She gave me exactly how much she owed me.Ihad thanked her andgone off in the direction of the stores.

It wasn't crowded but had a couple costumers and me. I bought a couple of books that were really long and would last me the summer. I had hoped. I stayed there reading and drinking the juice I had bought when I got a text.

Hey! I am sory! Il tri2 com buti am pakeddis sum lik u said! but txt me evry day and il try2 txt bak! wher r u now! onda plane yet?

I was soo happy Mari had replied. It felt good to text her back my reply.

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