Chapter 24

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His blue body shaded against the bark of the tree only illuminating his bright eyes and his flaming white hair.

"What are you doing here?" I exclaimed. To be honest I'm happy that he's here.

"I miss you! No one wanted to play with me. So I visited the living! I didn't know there are some delicious creatures in the forest!" He giggled.

"I miss you too. But aren't you allowed to go here?"

"Yes. But I found another way to get here. Which is I ate a living creature to let me breathe. I really miss your company. I've never introduced our homes properly."

Wow. This kid needs to be protected at all costs.

"Is someone with you? Or are you just by yourself?" Cain asked.

"I'm all by myself! And I'm inviting you to a celebration. Inska Rensei told me to let you come over." He handed us two small white stones.

"Uh... what are we going to do with this?"

"Swallow it." He gleefully answered with a big grin.

"What!? How?" Cain crabbed. Tami laughed.

"Put it in your mouth?"

Cain scratched his stubble beard as I stared at the stone.

"Don't worry it won't hurt you!" Tami reassured.

I nodded at Cain in agreement as we put the stone in our mouths and swallow it. It isn't what I expected, it slid down in my throat without clogging my throat, yet I feel my heart thumping slowly and my body began to lose balance. God tell me this isn't poison.

"Tami? What's in this?" I implored.

Then I found out my feet leaving the ground and my whole body got transparent.

"Holy crap!" I squealed.

"I'm dead!?" Cain punched his face. "Ow!"

"You just transformed like us, but you're still alive. We have differences in each element, you can't touch any living or eat anything. But no one will see you and you can go through walls!

"Unlike us we are not normal, we only exist beneath. We take other living forms to let us live." He explained.

He motioned us to follow him into the deep woods, as we floated behind him.

I began to see things I didn't see before. There's a deer running around the forest, witches hanging on the trees, decaying bodies pinned against the trees, their figures illuminate from the power. And its incredibly strong.

We stopped at a bridge as he placed his two hands into the water. As the bridge began to break into two pieces opening a portal, just like what we saw when Cain and I encountered it.

Our bodies sucked through the portal overtaking the woods, replacing with buildings followed by shapes and shadows casting flames and turning the world upside down.

For the first time, I've never seen a beautiful transportation with mysterious figures floating around, welcoming us with a dancing performance as they glide through the waves casting flames around the barrier.

Then we were placed in a dark area as a light slowly emerged from the view illuminating our surroundings. Showing a forest, but with decorative carvings in different colors. Fruits in many different shapes and elements.

We paused for a moment as my ears twitched at the sound muffled against the thick cedar underneath the ground with a pading against the leaves. Its was coming from the other side.

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