our princess

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daddy pov

it had been a whole 8 months since princess got pregnant. it was crazy fast time flies. we were both excited for the arrival of our new baby. i had become so prepared for the baby.

i'd bought a bunch of girly things for the baby's room. i just knew it'd be a girl. her room looked almost identical to princess's.

i was making lunch and princess was sitting on the couch drinking her sippy cup and watch my little mermaid for the hundredth time.

princess pov

i was sipping my milk when my diaper filled with liquid covering the floor around me.

"daddy! i think i tinkled in my diapie!"
"coming princess", daddy says coming from the kitchen.
"see daddy look, but i didn't even push it just came out", i say confused.
"princess, i don't think you went potty. i think your water broke, we're having the baby!"

my eyes go wide. my water broke. i thought i just went pee pee. i was so scared.

"come on princess let me get the baby bag and we can go", i nod hesitantly.

daddy carefully put me in the car and we drive to the hospital. i realized i was wearing my oversized unicorn onesie, no bra and only one dino slipper. i was so embarrassed.

once we got their daddy checked us in and they made me get into a wheely chair thingy. it would have been fun if the scary nurses weren't pushing me away from daddy.

"daddy! noooooo!", i scream though the hospital trying to hold onto daddy.
"it's okay, princess. they're just gonna change you, i'll be with you soon", he coos before i'm wheeled around the corner.

i didn't want weird, scary nurses changing me. only daddy.

once we got to a room, they helped me to the bed and set out this weird dress thing.

"here you go sweetie, call me if you need anything", she says opening the door.
"aren't you gonna change me?", i pout as i fidget around in my squishy, wet diaper.
"no, honey. that above my pay grade", she laughs but i don't understand the joke. "but i'll help you"

i nod.

she helps unzip my onesie and i get shy when my boobies fly out. they had gotten so big i couldn't even hold them in my hands. they also started leaking milk stuff.

she help me pull it off the rest of my body, "my diapie wet", i whine.
"well, fine...since you're this uncomfortable. I'll help you"

i lay back and she lifts my booty up and slides an extra extra large diaper on me. she said this is all she had left. she used tape to secure it around my waist. it still kept falling off.

next was time for the paper dress thingy. they had three sizes. one was for little kids, one was for normal adults and one was for extra large people.

and i couldn't feel any of them.

the little kids one fit my height but not my boobies. my boobies ripped open the dress. the normal adult one was too big for me. and the other one was even bigger. i decided to settle for the child one. she gave me a new one that wasn't ripped and i cautiously put it on. i waddled to the bed and sat down only to rip the back.

i didn't wanna bother the lady anymore so i said nothing as she left the room.

"there's my princess", daddy says coming into the room.
"daddy!", i yelp and reach up my arms up realize i might rip my dress.
"i lie your hospital gown...it's...uh...fitting", he laughs.

i look down to see a rip forming at my breasts.

"bad daddy", i giggle.


"ow! ow! ow! daddy! it hurts!", i scream holding his hand.

i kept getting these really bad pains in my tummy. daddy said it was contractions but all i know was that it hurt. the doctor made me put my feet on this weird holder things that made me spread my legs.

i didn't like it.

daddy said it was okay for the lady to look at my princess parts even though i wanted to cry. she said i was 10 cm dilated, whatever that means. bad she said i was ready to have the baby. 

the gave me this ugly hair net cap thing and gave daddy a funny paper outfit the wear too. the wheeled me into to a scary room with only one light in the middle. daddy said it was the delivery room.

once we were in there i started to feel the need to push a lot. they quickly took my diaper off to see it filled with poo poo and pee pee. oopies. i continued to push. a little more pity came out as daddy help my hand.

it didn't hurt because they gave me pain meds but it felt weird. i began to sweat as i pushed. my paper dress was ripping to pieces the more of a push i gave.

"i see the head", daddy yelped.
"come on, honey! keep pushing!", the doctor says.

i started to cry as my body gives up. but i try and push more. soon enough i hear a cry. it's a baby.

"you did it!", daddy kisses my sweaty face.
"yayyy!", i giggle.
"it's a girl, what's her name?", the doctor looks at me.
"natalia...my mom's name"
"beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl", the doctor coos handing me her.

"i can't believe we have a child", daddy coos.
"yep, she's your little princess now"
"our princess", he kisses her forehead.

nope I'm definitely not crying
ps. There's one last chapter to this book.

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