wee wee on da stick

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princess pov

i woke up feeling sicky. i felt so sick i couldn't even call for dada. i ended up throwing up all over myself and my bed. i guess daddy heard my cries and came rushing in.

"what happened, princess?", he asked picking me up, carefully.
"m-me d-don't kn-ow", i croak trying to fight my tears and the urge to get sick again.

he stripped me from my clothes and put me in the tub. the water was warm and bubbly. it made me giggle. my tummy still hurted though.

"daddy i tink i might be sicky again?", i say gagging.

he pulls me out of the bath, drys me off and walks me to the toilet. i throw up again. ewwie.

"daddy's gonna take your temperature to see if you have a fever", i nod.

daddy rolls the device against my forehead and it beeps. "huh...no fever, princess. maybe it's food poisoning. let get you back in bed, okay", i nod again and daddy takes me to his room.

he puts a bib on me, a towel on the bed and a trash on the flier just in case i was sick again. i feel back asleep even though it was nine in the morning.


daddy pov

i've been getting worried. for the past few weeks princess has been getting sick in the morning and then it goes away. i also have noticed she hasn't gotten her big girl period in quite sometime.

she could be pregnant.

"princess? daddy needs to talk to you about something"
"comin, dada", she skips into the living room and sits on my lap. "yes, daddy"
"okay, so you know how you've been getting sick in the morning?", she nods. "daddy thinks you could be pregnant", her lips quivers at my words.
"but daddy—"
"daddy just wants to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with you, okay?"
"yes daddy"
"good, now i got a pregnancy test and daddy wants you to pee on the stick", i hand her the test.
"yous want me to wee wee on dis?"
"yes, princess. do it for my, princess"
"otay", she giggles and i open up the box for her.

she gets up and waddles to the bathroom and i follow.

"dada, me don't have to tinkle"
"that's okay, daddy will bounce you until you do", she sits on my lap and i bounce her like the good girl she is.

after a few minutes of bouncing i starts to close her eyes, "are you ready to pee, princess?", she nods.
i take her off my lap and pull down her diaper, "uh oh dada i gon wee wee myself", she crosses her legs before sitting on the toilet.

she holds the stick and pees, "dada dis is silly. why i gotta tinkle on da stick? why can't da baby tell me if it's dare?", she giggle and hands me the stick.

"i don't know, princess. you tell me", i bring her to the changing table and put her diaper back on.

after a few minutes i check for the result. the the test says...


princess pov


for the first time in a long time i broke out of little space and it wasn't me and daddy. it was me and the father of my unborn baby.

"oh my god! i'm pregnant!", i jump up and hugged him.

i'd never been so happy in my life. i was having a child with the person i loved more than anything else in the world.

the rest of the night we cuddles and picked out bay names. i slowly but surely fell back into little space.

"yes, princess?"
"i wuv you an iz happy to have a widdle princess or prince wif you", i kiss him.
"i love you too and i'm so happy to have you in my life"


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