the last night

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princess pov

"mommy? why you puttin clothes in ya bag?", i waddle into mommy and daddy's room.
"well me and daddy wanna y'all to you about something", mommy crouches down.
"yep, it's important. come sit on daddy's lap", daddy pats his lap and i sit.
"did iz do sumfing wong?"
"no, princess it has nothing to do with you. it's about all of us but most importantly mommy"
"mommy? wat wong?", i pout.
"well, princess i got a really good job—"
"yayyyyy!", i wiggle my booty on daddy.
"princess let me finish", she grabs my hand and i stop dancing. "but it's in new york. which mean i'm gonna have to leave you"

tear fill my eyes thinking about mommy leaving forever.

"noooooo! mommy don't leave!!! will yous c-come back to s-see me?", i cry.
"that's also what we wanted to talk to you about...mommy and i are breaking up"

my heart drops. we're longer a happy family anymore. nooo.

"no! mommy! daddy! please!", i sob into daddy's chest. "why?", i croak out.
"we think it would be best for us, especially since mommy is moving across the country. but i promise me and you will still be together", i nod my head and sniffle.

he kisses my lips and wipes away my tears. i kiss him back hard and use my tongue. i start to feel mommy kissing my neck making me moan.

"mmmmhh...mommy", i moan and kiss her lips.

i wiggle my booty on daddy's lap, feeling his member get hard. daddy lays me on their bed and gets on top of me. i giggle at daddy's soft kisses.

mommy and daddy both help strip me from my dino onesie and diaper. i wiggle feeling the cold air hits my princess parts. daddy kisses down my body and down to my no no square.

he starts to like me us and down. it feels so good and i spread my legs farther apart. daddy continues to suck on my nub sending a shiver down my spine. mommy uses her tongue to make little circles around my nipples.

my boobies loved being licked and suck. mommy sat up and i latched onto her perfectly sized boobies. i sucked like the good princess i was.

it seemed daddy enjoyed the sight of me suckling mommy. he spreads mommy's legs and slides two fingers inside her. her slit gladly accepts it.

i continue suckling mommy when i finally taste her sweet milk. i loved mommy's milk. i sucked as mommy moaned and groaned daddy's name. soon enough mommy's moans turned to screams. as she came more milk squirted into my mouth leaving me happy.

i sit up and look at dada, "me want daddy cock", i whine.
"my princess wants daddy's cock?", daddy coos and i nod.

he stands up and pulls down his pants, "on your knees", i drop to my shaky knees in front of him.

daddy's cock stares straight at me, precum dripping from the tip.

"go on me a good girl, suck daddy's cock", mommy says kissing down and getting on her knees as well.

i licked daddy's length, swirling my tongue around the tip. i tried imagining that it was a really yummy lollipop or ice cream. it made it easier that way.

the hardest part was my small mouth. i couldn't even fit an inch of daddy's cock in my mouth before it was too much for me and i would begin to panic. mommy always encouraged me but ended up deep throating him.

she took daddy fully in her mouth, not a millimeter untouched. i couldn't believe a person could do that but she did.

during all of them i would go back to suckling mommy. i just loved doing it, i was such a baby at heart.

once mommy was done with daddy, mommy leaned over the bed and daddy pushed into her. she began to moan really loudly as daddy pounded into her super faster. i got on my knees and daddy's balls or any part of his cock not inside mommy.

"uhhh! yeah! fuck me, blair!", she yelled her juices dripping onto me.

i tried catching all the squirt that she produced but my mouth was full and i swallowed it. daddy pulled me up and slowly penetrated me.

"mhhhm! yes, daddy! it's so good!", i moan as my eyes roll back.

mommy sucks my clit and laps up my little explosions of squirt pouring out of me with every thrust. my orgasm was coming really quickly and i couldn't hold it any longer.

"daddy may i pwease cum?!", i yell.

a stream of my cum came blasting out of me. my body shook and my legs gave out, mommy caught me. daddy placed me on the bed and mommy got on top of me. she put her mommy parts in my face and her mouth on my princess parts.

over my head daddy inserted himself into mommy and i started to lick mommy's clit. i moaned into her pussy as she licked my princess parts. we quickly switched places and daddy pounded me senselessly.

i came all over mommy's face and daddy thrusted deep inside me and planted his daddy seed. i giggled at the warm feeling inside my tummy from it.

"mommy do ya reely have to weave?", start to cry in my babyish voice.
"yes, princess but i promise i'll come and visit", she cuddles up to me on the bed, daddy joins.
"and no matter what happens, princess, you still have me", daddy and mommy both kiss my forehead.

daddy charges me back into my diapie and onesie before putting me back to bed. he let me sip warm chocolaty milky as i feel asleep.

i wove mommy and daddy.


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