Free in a summer night

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The following day, Hitomi marveled at seeing the festivities celebrating the end of harvests. Between the buildings, were deployed multicolored banners embellished with ears of wheat. The people were well matched with the joyful atmosphere with brightly colored clothing.

Songs resounded to the rhythm of a playful music wich Hitomi found oriental tunes.

With Merle and Meinmet, she walked in the city, admiring the stalls, tasting curiously the various breads offered ...

The old Prince, happy to live again such a moment, told various memories about the tradition!

Back on the esplanade of the palace, Hitomi took part in the great banquet for the high dignitaries of the country.

Briefly, she saw Van. He addressed to her a tender look, she replied with a simple smile and preferred not to go to him. The situation was even confused in her head.

A little behind, Yiris looked around. Frustrated to haven't be able to get something from the intruder, she had decided to keep the incident from the previous day for herself and continued to wonder about the meaning of this attack on Alexandre.
Intensely immersed in her thoughts, she jumped up, feeling a rod poking her skull.

Turning round, she saw Alexandre smiling to her.

"I noticed that all women had one, so why not you?" He said before returning to sit down.

Firstly, furious, she wanted to jump at his throat but, all things considered, she chose not to get excited for this detail.
So offering an amused look with a slight smile to her interlocutor, she adjusted the sprig of wheat, matching with the color of her hair.

And the rest of the day, and because of this coquetry, she was many times teased by her soldiers ...

The celebrations continued late into the night. The intense dry heat that reigned without even a breath of wind to make it less heavy, exhausted Hitomi.
She preferred to go to bed early. Leaving Meinmet and Merle enjoying the festivities.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for her to sleep. Tired to turning herself in bed, she finally got up and began to go through the corridors of the palace.

Her nocturnal exploration led her through a maze of empty rooms. And suddenly, at the turn of one of them, sitting on the edge of a window staring at the city.

Looking more closely, she saw Van. As perceiving her presence, he turned around.

One moment, both surprised, they looked at each other in silence. Then, without thinking, Hitomi took a few steps.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, intrigued.

He didn't answer immediately. With a nostalgic smile, he turned his eyes toward the city from where they heard the latest partygoers still maintaining some ambiance.

"Because these parts are uninhabited and closed most of the time, they are particularly cold, even in summer. It's nice to come here when the heat gets too heavy".
"It's strange to see a such empty palace ..." Hitomi remarked, thoughtfully.
"We used the old building plans. But we tried to modernize, especially by adding the goods lifts. Also, some fireplace have been moved to make it better heated.
In the past, the Royal family was numerous: many siblings, several generations, it was necessary to have much rooms to house all these people ...
Now, I have discovered the existence of my uncle, but I know to the obvious: I am the last of my line ... " The young King sadly sighed, looking toward the city.

Hearing him talking, Hitomi felt a deep sadness. In the words of the young man, she understood his melancholy.

At this moment, Merle's words echoed in her mind ... She realized the loneliness experienced by Van and his need for comfort.

Exhausted by the heat, Hitomi began to totter before rest on a wall. Noticing the dizziness of the young woman, Van spoke to her.

"You no longer stand this heat anymore, right?"

The interested nodded, wiping the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand. For his part, Van came down the ledge and walked toward her.

"I think I have something that will ease your pain, come with me!"

Smiling, he held out his arms to Hitomi. A brief moment, she hesitated and looked up at the young man.

He showed a comforting insurance, so she followed him.

During their short walk, the young woman could not avoid feeling a slight anxiety. No words were exchanged, which made the situation even more stressful.
However, upon reflection, she felt silly. After all, she knew she had nothing to fear from the young King.

Finally, they came to Van apartments, before which the sentinels, overwhelmed by the heat, had fallen asleep.

Amused by the "efficiency" of his guard, the Sovereign quietly opened the door.
Then he led Hitomi in a huge room that was obviously the bedroom and a small lounge for lunch before inviting her to sit at a table near a window overlooking the courtyard.

Although night has fallen for several hours, the place was pretty clear with the light of the Moon of Illusions.
Van went to a corner of the room and leaned down to grab a basket of woven straw which he placed on the table.

Surprising Hitomi, he took a strange blue fruit with a crescent of moon shape. Skeptical, the young woman retailed it, wondering what taste such a thing could have.

"You'll see, it will astonish you!" Van told. "But I promise you that eating this will relieve you!"

Taking a knife, the young man sat upside down of a chair, facing Hitomi. Then he planted the blade into the hull, visibly thick, of the fruit explaining:

"This is called a pisico. We can found it in the trees near the mountains. You'll see, it's naturally very fresh, even in this heat."
"Pisico ... This name reminds me of something ..." Hitomi said.
"The piscus, right?"
"Yes ... You had me offered one ..."
"And you have found its juice too acidic!"

Van couldn't be able to not smiling at the memory of this story. But, remembering the slap he received thereafter, he continued thoughtfully:

"I hope, this time, it will be different ... "

After splitting the pisico in two, he cut a piece of flesh that pricked with the knife before handing it to Hitomi. Doubtful, she tasted lip service.

Indeed, it was refreshing! So much so that she almost shivered. About the aftertaste, it was pleasant, slightly sweet.

"It's rather good!" She concluded, smiling.
"I'm glad you like it! I love this fruit, especially by this warm weather!"

Thus, the tasting continued. At each mouthful, Van was amused to see Hitomi shudder. Quickly the vision of her pretty delicate lips, well drawn, with their pretty pink color, obsessed him.
Restraining himself much as he could, he managed to control his mind.

For her part, Hitomi was better. As she slowly went better, her look met Van's look.
There, sitting in front of her, she saw him as she had never seen him before ...

Shy, she continued to observe it. Van had really become a very attractive man ... And this thought began to tighten her stomach.

Suddenly, the young man put the knife, took a piece with his fingers and brought it to the lips of the young woman. Despite the confusion that came over her, Hitomi let him do.
Gently, he gave her mouth and took the opportunity to touch her lips.

This contact aroused in him a desire so hot that he had great difficulty to detain in order to not go further.

Disoriented, Hitomi closed her eyes and felt her blood like boil. An impression in total contradiction with the freshness that dissipated slowly her vertigo.
Embarrassed, she turned her head to the ground before whispering:

"Thank you ..."
"I beg you ..." The young King replied in a voice with a soft astonishment.

They were close, so close ... Tweaking her hands, Hitomi finally timidly raise her head to Van. This one gave her a look full of passion.
Bewitched, she moved her face to his, also, he leaned and, thus, they exchanged a light kiss, their first.

After that brief moment of sensuality, was silence. Each one was confused. If Van couldn't stop smiling, Hitomi stared her gaze to the ground.
After a few seconds, she mumbled something almost inaudible.

"Forgive me ..."

So she began to be agitate by slight convulsions, Van quickly realized she was holding back tears. Faced with this totally unexpected situation, he didn't know how to react.

"Hitomi ... I ..."
"No ... It's all my fault ... I'm sorry... At this time, I thought to myself ... Gaea was for me all these horrible vision ... I believed that with time would change it ... But instead, I prefered to please me in shunning my past ..."

Some seconds, Van looked at her. Not knowing what to say, he slowly approached her hand, she recoiled.
He sighed.

Then, quietly, he stood up and comes close to Hitomi. She trembled. Calmly, he knelt at her left and held out his hand again.
They stayed a moment, motionless.

Hesitantly, Hitomi put her hand to the one of young man before grasp it and pull it tight.

"I haven't thought about how you felt ..." She whispered.

Slowly, she raised her head. Her green eyes were still red by tears. That look stabbed Van's heart.
Deeply moved, he made a little smile and put his other hand over the one of Hitomi.

Smiling in her turn, the young woman added herself as her other hand above before continuing:

"I've abandoned you ... I ..."
"Please, stop talking!" Van interrupted calmly.

Their hands still clamped, Van raised up Hitomi. Her eyes riveted to his, she stopped shivering.
Then he separated his hands of her own before wiped with his fingers the traces the tears had left on the cheeks of the young woman.

"Hitomi ... We all commit mistakes ... I've been cruel with Merle ... We cannot change the past ... But we can live the moment ... "

He advanced towards her, his hands slid from the cheeks to follow the salient lines of the neck of the young woman.
Hitomi knew exactly what he wanted and the gene began to seize her was immediately perceived by Van.

Then he looked away and walked a few steps while clutching his fists to discharge some form of tension.

"I'm sorry. You're still tired. I'll accompany you to your apartment, you have to rest."

He went to the door and as he was about to open it, the fingers of Hitomi grabbed the fabric of the sleeve of his free arm.

"Wait ..."

He stopped.

Through the fabric of his clothes, the young man felt the heat the one he loved. It was at the edge, soon, he would be able to control himself.

Suddenly, he heard a few words ... unexpected.

"Van ... I love you! I have always loved you!" Hitomi let go before burst into tears before cuddle up to him.

The King threw back his head. He was dreaming ...

No, it was real, she was there ... These ten years of waiting had not been in vain ...

Then he slowly turned around to tighten the woman in his arms. After enjoying a moment of this simple hug, she gently freed one of her hands and amused herself to point with her fingers the fine beard of Van.

Again, their lips met.

The kiss was passionate, endless ... Take upon herself, he devoured her lips greedily before long play his tongue with her.

When he finally let her take a breath, he whispered in her ear:

"Hitomi ... I love you too. If you know how ..."

The perfume of the young woman, the warmth of her body against him, the kiss he had dreamed ... Van freed himself, unable to stop.
He imprisoned Hitomi in his arms before browsing her with avid caresses. Elated by his gestures, she let herself go away.
Little by little, he became more daring and ventured his hands on her hips.

The young man was full of ardor. However, perceiving that she was tensed sometimes, he tried as best he could to temper his enthusiasm.
He coveted her for so many years ... But this moment, he wanted they savor it together. He had to control himself!

Calmly, he loosened his grip and ran his hands through the hair of the woman to free them from the ribbon that held them.
Like a river of gold, the ash-blond strands slid down around the face and neck of Hitomi.

Fascinated, Van seemed to discover a woman for the first time.

"You're so beautiful ..." He whispered with a possessed look.

Embarrassed, Hitomi show a small smile before turning her head in order to try to hide her cheeks reddened by confusion.

The King gently grabbed her left hand and brought it to his lips. Slowly he ascended the arms with little kisses before being limited by the fabric of her dress.
Then, with his other hand, he began to detach the belt tied.

When it gave way, the crossed top opened, Van put his hands between the folds of the jacket and going into raptures touching the skin of the throat of the young woman who appeared in his eyes, he kissed languorously in the neck.

Hitomi shuddered deeply embarrassed by the contact of the warm, moist lips devouring her skin.

Stired up by this little thrill, the King lovingly passed from one shoulder to the other, even having fun to tickle the ear lobe.
Hitomi's breath was short, Van totally lost his reason. Impatiently he finished getting rid of the jacket of the young woman and slipped his hand into his back to untie the ribbon that held her dress.

Suddenly Hitomi winced. Van understood immediately that he had been too eager. So he stopped his gesture and tenderly caressed the hair of his beloved to reassure her.

And when he felt the breath of the young woman being quieter, he began to untie the laces. Progressively, the small shoulder straps holding the dress slid down and it fell to the ground...
Slowly, Van let travel his palms along the back, savoring the skin softness.

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