Chapter 5

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A month later

Trump, Putin, and I got off the plane. We were finally in Sydney! Hopefully we could track down Tré. We had a few security guards with us to make sure we were at least kinda safe. We made our way to a hotel and got two rooms.

"We'll meet in the lobby to plan in 30 minutes." I said to them before we went to our rooms.

Trump told me on the plane that Tré was in a theater or a concert hall of some sort in the city. He had a better idea of how many captors there are. He said there was probably around 4 captors.

I quickly got myself ready and made my way down to the lobby. I hope we find Tré soon. Trump and Putin were waiting downstairs. I looked around cautious to see Obama and Biden checking in.

"Guys! Look!" I said pointing at them.

"Shit!" Trump muttered.

Obama and Biden turned around and made eye contact with us. Obama whispered something in Biden's ear. They walked over to us and we all were frozen in fear. They walked up to us and looked at us for a few minutes.

"I thought you two were supposed to be dead." Obama said in disbelief.

"We are- I mean they are we're just actors." Putin said in his most American accent.

"Armstrong why are you here with them?" Biden pried.

"They're friends of mine and I invited them for a boys weekend." I lied.

"So your wife is back in the White House?" Obama asked.

"He's with some family."

We talked for a little bit kinder before they left. That was a close one. I hope they don't look too much into it.


We've been to every concert hall and venue in the area expect one. It was already night and the place was packed. We cautiously made our way in. I saw 4 men walk inside a closet. I heard talking and someone calling out for help!

The men walked out and I heard someone say something about 5 Seconds Of Summer. Weren't they that shitty boy band that did a cover of American Idiot? I looked them up on my phone and compared them to the men that were exiting the closet. Holy shit! They're the same people!

"Guys I think 5 Second Of Summer kidnapped Tré." I whispered to them.

"I think you might be right." Trump said in disbelief.

"Who are they?"

"A shitty ass boy band!"


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