Free Download Absolute Blue Soundtrack

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Free Download Absolute Blue Soundtrack

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If you like 80s/90s Synth Tunes you'll hopefully love the official soundtrack of Absolute Blue.


01 Intro

02 I Can Save The Universe

03 Flying Crawlers

04 Crystal Spheres

05 Bad Machines

06 Boss Fight

07 Get Ready

08 Planet Surface

09 Liberty Force

10 Tekkno Shop

11 Into The Fire

12 Level Completed

13 Infinite Space

14 Fight For Glory

15 Boss Panic

16 Game Over

17 Outro

18 Unused Track: Original Title Music d859598525

Title: Absolute Blue SoundtrackGenre: Action, IndieDeveloper:IntermediawarePublisher:IntermediawareRelease Date: 23 Apr, 2018


Free Download Absolute Blue Soundtrack

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