Me and Nique looked at each other.

"Soo Cam didn't fuck her?" I said.

"Yep your right."

"But he loves her as a sister?" Nique said.

Chris nodded.

"And the bitch loves him more then that?" Nique said.

Chris nodded again.

I looked at Cam, "and why yo ass ain't tell me you didn't fuck her."

"I didn't know he said I fucked her he just told me last week."

I grabbed the water bottle Cam was drinking and poured it on Chris then Nique slapped him.


"Whatever I still don't like the bitch."

"Periodt." Nique said.

Cam looked at both of us.

"Damn y'all gone talk about his sister right in front of him." Chris said.

"Yep! I'll talk about Cam ass In front of him too."

Chris laughed.

"But I'm still mad at you so don't think You off the hook bitch." I said pointing to cam.

He rolled his eyes, "Me and Chris gotta head to the trap I'll see you later."


2 days later..

Nique helped me to the car. Today they released me from the hospital and I gotta take of whole lot of medicine until this pain go away. We got in the car and drove to the Trap. As we walked in and sat on the couch Cassandra was coming downstairs.

"Cam!!" She yelled.

Cam came downstairs, "whaat damn, I'm trynna handle business."

"Why the fuck she here!" She said.

"Cause she is damn don't worry about it." He said before walking back upstairs. I got up and walked in one of the rooms and got a bat.

Dj laughed, "whatcha need that for?"

"Just in case I have to knock a bitch out."

Everybody in the living room laughed causing Cassandra to get mad. Chris came downstairs smoking, "somebody order some pizza or some a nigga hungry."

"Where the hell yo phone at?" Nique said.

"It's dead nigga."

"Nigga?" Nique said while bucking at him.

Chris jumped, "MY BAD BABY!"

Ant ordered 4 pizzas and him and Chris went to pick it up. Me and Nique started walking around and she bumped into cam.

"Watch where you going bitch!" Nique said.

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