Chapter 19 Finally

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(Izuku's POV)

"For someone to fuck Izuku!" Mr. Aizawa yelled madly at Present Mic. "I already said we are not doing that no matter what!" My Father yelled at Mr. Aizawa. I gripped the sheets under my hands trying to curl up but can't. Out of nowhere the door open and a lady can running in. (Like the picture at the top but as a female.) She immediately rushed over to me before putting her hand on my chest. Everyone in the flipped and started yelling at her demanding who she was or to get away from me. The heat pain and discomfort went away and she started to release my restraints. I slowly sat up with here help. She seemed familiar but I couldn't quiet place it. "Where is Prince. Where is he." I asked as everyone was trying to get what just happened through their minds. The lady behind me tapped my shoulder so I turned to look at her. "I am Prince, Izuku. I am female and was made to get you through your heats as a back up. When you had your first one I became sentient and broke out of where I was held." She said and I hugged her. "I am sorry I didn't say anything as I rushed in I had to help Izuku." She explained before helping me stand and walk to everyone else. "Well now we have that situation sorted out what do we do about Hisashi?" All Might asked. I was then lead to class by Mr. Aizawa, Katsuki, Todoroki, and Prince. That is my story on how I became a quirkless nobody to a hero in training for the next generation of heroes.

So I had a lot of fun making this book but it also got me quiet mad at some points. I'm sorry if the ending was bad and I'm sorry it was short. For my first published book this has gone a long way and also has taken me a long way. I am so happy for all your guys support and love for this book and I'm sorry if this ending was a disappointment. If you guys didn't like it tell me in the comments and I will try and change it to a better ending. Thank you for reading my books and I hope you enjoyed this book and my other books. But until next time in my other books. ~Alpha Deku

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