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"ugh. oh my god. kris~~~" you moaned while you inserted the dildo in and out of yourself in front of your computer watching porn.

Kris is away for his schedules and he will only be back tomorrow. You need him so badly but he is not here to satisfy your needs. Your hormones are raging so you decided to pleasure yourself.

Your loud moans filled the room as you increased speed on inserting the dildo in and out of yourself. While you was pleasuring myself, the only thing in your mind was Kris which caused you to moan his name even louder.

When you were about to cum, the bedroom door opened but you didn't notice and soon, you felt the large, manly hands with slender fingers on your skin which you've been wanting to feel the past few days ...

Kris finished his schedules early so his manager allowed him to go back home a day earlier. Before kris went home, he bought some pizza and soda thinking that you haven't had your dinner yet. When he opened the door, his voice echoed on your shared apartment, "Babe! I'm home".

He waited for your reply but silence greeted him instead. He took off his shoes and headed strait to your shared bedroom excitedly but he halted in front of your bedroom door when he heard your moans coming from the bedroom.

Is she cheating on me with someone else? kris thought.

Negative scenarios filled kris's mind and his face turned into a frown. However, as soon as he opened the door his frown turned into a playful smirk.

Kris caught you pleasuring yourself while moaning his name loud. When you said, "Oh my god~ I'm about to cum~", he sneakily went beside your ear and whispered, "cum for me babe" with his deep,raspy, manly voice. his right hand around your waist.

Hearing his voice and feeling his touch, it made you stop what you're doing and tilt your head to your right just to be kissed his soft, pouty, luscious lips you've been craving for.

Kris then bit your bottom lip playfully asking for entrance which you gladly gave him. Both of you fought for dominance but because of kris' expert skills, he won. He always does. You broke the kiss grasping for air as kris looked into your eyes with lustful ones.

"I never knew my innocent little baby girl could be this naughty. Pleasuring herself all alone" he said with a hint of playfulness

"It's you who made me like this, Mr Kris Wu" you replied with a smirk

"Well, I'm glad I did cause' I'm gonna pleasure my queen to make up for the days I wasn't here with you" he said and carried you bridal style to your bed from your computer chair.

Kris kissed you passionately while you cupped his cheeks with your hands. Then, he moved down to your neck and sucked on your sweet spot leaving a visible hickey. Soon after, he removed your tank top and bra then he moved down to your mounds and went to your left nipple sucking and tugging it like there's no tomorrow while massaging the right one.

When he was done, he gave as much attention to the right one. You moaned as he did his thing to you while gently tugging on his soft, thick, blond hair. You can't take it anymore so you brought his face up and made him look into your eyes and said, "enough with the foreplay babe, i need you inside me". "So impatient" he smiled. He then took off his hba pullover and off-white jeans with his calvin klein boxers which made his glory stand in attention.

"You're kris jr there never fails to amuse me babe" you told him. He went back to bed and asked," you ready, babe?" "always as i'll ever be" you replied. Kris easily inserted his manhood into you since your panties has been discarded off while you were pleasuring yourself.

"ohhh~ so tight, it feels so good" kris moaned as he inserted his rammed in you.

He moved in a steady pace but it soon turned very fast which made you moan really loud to the point that you think you're neighbours could hear you. When both of you were about to cum, only moans and skin slapping sounds was heard in the room. This continued for several rounds with mindblowing orgasms.

At the final round, both of you were so tired to the point that kris collapsed on top of you. "that was amazing babe!" you told kris while catching your breath.

"you're the reason why babe. you're too hot and sexy i can't resist you" he said as he stood up and assisted you to stand up from bed to go to the bathroom and clean up.


author's note:

yo~ this is the very first smut i have written so i don't know if it came out well or not. please do leave comments and votes ~


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