Chapter Nine

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I stared at Evan.. did He really just say what I think He said?

"You funny." I said looking away.

He leaned back on the sofa.

"Think it's a game, I'm dead ass."

I turned around to look at him.

***Stacy walked in*****

"Hey gurl, when you got here?" She asked slinging her purse on the island counter.

"Not to long ago." I said looking in her direction.

She walked over and sat on the sofa across from us.

"Y'all just don't know how much this bank kicking my ass."

"You don't do shit but take folks money, sound easy to me." Evan said.

"Fuck you Evan, you don't know half the shit I go through, speaking of jobs, did you look for one?"

"You know I did, it's gone take some damn time, they ain't gone just jump and hire somebody who just got out of jail."

"True. What's up with you Lauren?"

"Nun, chillin'. I came by to hang but yo ass tired so I'm bout to head out. " I said getting up off the sofa.

"I'm sorry gurl, I'm just worn out?"

"I know just text me."

"You cant chill with a nigga?" Evan said interrupting.

"I just did boy."

"Girl ignore him" Stacy said. "But I'll text you tho."

"Okay." I said as I left heading back home.

I pulled up in my driveway, it was about 5:50 when I looked at the clock. I walked in the house and decided to do something special. Marcus wouldn't get off until 10: 50 so I decided to make a dinner to show our effort to rekindle our love. I went into the kitchen, and decided to cook Rosemary Shrimp Scampi Skewers. Olive oil marinated shrimp on rosemary branch skewers, served with steamed haricots verts. For a black girl, I know a lil sum sum. I started cooking the meal, I wanted it to be hot when he got home from a long days work. I knew he was gonna love this..

Around about 10:20, I was getting out the shower. I slipped on a black sheer lingerie set and a pair of black pumps. My hair flowed down my back in full curls. I applied my red lipstick to finish off the look. I fixed the table, lighting candles and setting out wine glasses. I pulled the food out the oven around 10:40 and started fixing the plates and filling up the wine glasses with red wine. The lights were dimmed low, and the light from the flickering candles, cascaded on the walls. I sat in my chair, checking my phone, waiting for Marcus to walk through the door..

10:50 rolled around, I was still waiting ..

10:59 rolled around I was still waiting..

11:00 ..


I was really pissed off now. I checked my phone one last time. A text came through ..

"Its late but I got you on my mind.." 11:20pm

It was Evan. How the hell he got my number? Must've went through Stacy's phone or some I thought. Then agian, I forgot Stacy texted him from my phone once.

Me: Im not in the mood Evan. 11:25pm

Evan: I can make you fell better. 11:27pm

I didn't respond. 11:34 rolled around and I got a call. Thinking it was Marcus calling to say he was running late, I answered without looking at the caller Id.


"Lauren, I know you got my text."

"Evan what do you want?"

"You. Stop dealing with that nigga and come get a real man."


"I see you already calling my name. Come see me."

"Evan, Im not about to come over there."

"You know you want to, stop flexing and meet me at the Manhatten hotel."

"No Evan."

"Aight, but if you change your mind, Im in room 412, see you soon."

"Im not coming, so there is no see you soon."

"Okay." He said laughing softly.

We hung up.

11:49, I was still sitting at this damn table, alone. I was really feeling like doing some Beyonce Jealous type shit. Just knocking all this shit off the table.. but the way my bank account set up.. I can't just go around breaking shit..I dropped my head in the palm of my hands. I knew this shit was too good to be true. I sat there for a minute thinking. I lifted my head and spotted my journal on the coffee table..

Journal Entry #2

What's the point of apologizing if you gone do the shit again?

Like, what the fuck, are you apologizing in advance?

I thought you would try and get it right cause I gave you a second chance.

You constanly doing shit that should've got you kicked out,

and Im constanly fighting for your love but I try to stick it out.

What you put youself in was your own fault,

But I try to put it past me and look over that flaw.

Cooking meals, lighting candles, half naked and shit.

How I got stood up, looking this good, I don't get.

Im tired of being disappointed, confused and what not .

I need attention, I need love and I need it a lot.

What you don't understand is when you lack, somebody else might take your spot.

I tired of waiting for you to act right so tonight you gone have to go without.

So gone and tuck yourself in, you know, real tight.

You gone be sleeping alone tonight, cause I'm bout to step out.

I closed the journal and sat it back on the table. I went to my room and pulled out my oversize trench coat and put it on, I walking back into the living, grabbed my keys off the table and headed to the car. I backed out the driveway and sped off into the night..

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