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#vss365 (very short story every day) is a hashtag game on Twitter where writers are invited to compose a Tweet-length piece of microfiction based on a daily prompt word

I take part most days, and have arranged my #vss365 Tweets into monthly chapters here, beginning in September 2018 when I first discovered the game (at the end of the month!)

Some of my #vss365 Tweets have found their way into longer stories and some were lines from projects in progress that happened to fit with the prompt on the day they were written. For those reasons, some of the content of this book might look familiar

I've also used #vss365 as an opportunity to explore the minds and perspectives of characters in other projects, so some themes have emerged in certain months.

New month-chapters will be added as they happen.

The external link for this chapter leads to my Twitter profile, where I post all my #vss365s as they happen, along with other writing-related stuff and life fragments. Come and say hi!

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