chapter 6

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I have to admit it, yesterday I slept well 🙃 I don't know where my Wonderful mum is *note the sarcasm*but at least I will not see her..
I glanced at the wall clock and the time struck 5:20am woops,I have only 40minutes to get to work.. telling you that I'm happy it's an understatement,I am so happy....I am giggling from ear to ear,,,,, someone might have an idea of maybe she won a lottery or that sort of thing 😂 but heck no,(although I wish) I'm starting a new job....

Although it's not a job to go on and about singing out loud for the world to know but sweety a job is a job as long as it pays and besides my job pays alot better than my previous ones... Good Lord bless my new boss,he is definitely an angel..I wonder who he is,, I just heard he is a Greek god... anyways shout out to you Mr new boss...

*Doing the usual morning routine*

After making sure I look spic and span , I head towards my new place of work...wish me luck.🤞🏾

After walking for almost 20 minutes, I arrive at Fernandez Corp

I walk towards the receptionist and still find the blonde girl,,she stared on her screen but when she senses my presence she looks up with an expression of,is it sympathy? worry?

Why....I don't know?

"Hello Blondie.. good morning."I said winking at her.

"Good morning,oh Lord,what did you do God ,you are in big trouble."

"Blondie,why should I be worried,, I just kicked that was what people call self defense"I wanted to continue expressing my point of view when I was cut off

"Lia has someone ever asked you if anything was wrong with your head,do you know who you just hit"she said getting serious..

"Hey, you are making me nervous now...who is the guy?"I asked nervously.. wherever this talk was going to I knew it's not in the right direction.

But whatever she said next made me gasp....oh my gosh!

"He is your boss..he is Mr Uriel just hit the CEO,the boss and in his territory!"


Rip Lia..big stupid girl

"OMG.. what should I do,help me,I don't want to lose my job!"I said on the verge of crying.
I can't be fired on the first day of work.

"Relax Lia, I don't think he has any intention of firing you,, just stay away from him.. Please"she pleaded as I sighed in relief..

"Okay just take your stuff and get to work 😊"

"Thank you , thanks Blondie"

I rushed to the workers place with one goal in my mind...stay away from the stalker-i mean my boss----mr Fernandez..

1hour later

This company is huge, although I have other workers helping me out but I tell you my back aches like crazy 😫

And yes, I know you could be asking but no I have not seen him yet,,thank goodness but also there is this part inside me that is yearning to see him, don't get me wrong, I am a girl and I have feelings too although I know him and me can never be....tsk... at least I have my dreams.

So here I am cleaning the entry door way,, I can't see the sink so I have no other choice than to pour the dirty water out the door way,, hope no one is the outfit is hot..


I pour the water outside but then I'm followed by a loud gasp.

Guess what

Yes that.

I poured the whole bucket of water on someone,a guy wearing a very expensive Armani suit...why!


The man stared down at his suit then back at boss...the man I have been hiding from for over an hour...the man that is right now making my heart beat fast, the man that holds my job in his hands and now I did this...

I am now experiencing those moments where you just wish that the ground could open up and swallow you alive..

The way he looked at me... folding his hands at a tight fist,, clenching his teeth and his face full of fury and anger...I stood still staring at him and getting lost in his blue orbs.

I felt as if everything was moving in slow motion,, it's as if the world has just frozen still.....I have never been this afraid in my life, even after the beatings I have faced from my step mom doesn't match this fear I have right now.....

I could see the other employees gasping and some looking at me with pity while others disgust.

Opposite him was a man at his early twenties holding his shoulders as if to cool him down...

"You-"Mr Fernandez said holding a firm grip on my wrist dragging me towards the private elevator not saying a word but I knew he was fuming in anger.

I tried talking to him at the elevator but I could not master my courage to utter a word.


The elevator opened and he dragged me inside pushing me towards the office and making me land on the couch...


"Now give me one good damn reason why I should not throw you out to the streets "he snapped breaking the silence..

His husky voice was just wonderful.

"Umm-umm because it's not my fault."I said fidgeting my fingers staring at my lap.

"So now whose fault is that!my fault?"

He said in a low seductive voice getting closer to me while I moved up the couch but unlucky the couch had to me this small..darn it!

"It's your fault..yes if only you could have watched where you were going!"I snapped.

What did I do,this stupid mouth of mine!

"Oh's my fault now princess tell me huh"he said brushing his nose at my cheek...his breath sending shivers down my spine.

"Tell me it my fault?"he said sucking my earlobe while I closed my eyes,a moan escaping from my mouth,what is he doing to me?

I realized our position and quickly pushed him off me with all my effort.

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