Part 19

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He pulls me onto his lap in the middle of the kiss, and is somehow able to stand up from his seated position, to fully upright and holds my body almost effortlessly.

A.N- (I read thru it) Oh it's sexual ahhh

His hands connect to my waist and hold me tight, his cold rings moving along my hip onto my back and return back to the waist again. He pulls my body down so I am on top of him "Cara" he pants
"what?" I ask
"are you sure?" He asks
"always" I say reconnecting our lips.

I make my way down his body and take his boxers off.

I do want he wants, and suck him off, not going to lie, he moans quite a lot when I think about it, and says my name quite a bit to.

"your turn" he whispers hoarsely into my ear crawling onto my body and then down it to my shorts.

He takes them off and tosses them down and onto the floor with a pile of our clothes from earlier.

I sit waiting for his touch, aching, until he finally pushes on finger in.

He pulls his fingers out before I release.

"Beg me again" he says
"Please" I plead,
"Please Bradley" I plead again.

He replaces his fingers with his tongue, finishing the job with his tongue ae well as he did with his fingers.

"Sorry" I mutter
"For what exactly?"
"not going to lie, I'm small" I say
"I don't give a fuck" he says

I moan a little as his mouth leaves marks on my neck,
"A bit louder for me baby!" He says 
"fuck you" I say,
he laughs "sorry" he says moving his hands to either side of my and taking a plank position above me.

"Scream" he mutters, I do so, as he slowly makes his way in.

"Again" he shouts, squeezing his eyes shut, I do so again,
"Louder" he shouts, the fucking feeling makes me do so, screaming in pure lust.

I can feel the sweat gathering on the back of his neck as he begins moving.

His right hand is on my hip helping him have a good posture for thrusting, and his left hand is caught up in my hair, tangled between his fingers.

He releases inside of me and his thrusts become sloppy as he pulls out and collapses next to me.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you" he says placing a hand on my cheek "you never" I say "promise?" He asks "promise" I say.

It's one AM and I'm laying awake in my bed, Brads asleep next to me. We slept together again.

I can't sleep and I don't know why, I'm just laying listening to Brads breaths. They're slow and shallow. His chest is slowing rising and then falling again, his lower half is covered by a thin duvet that I use in the summer because it's warmer.

I'm not too hot, I'm not too cold, there's just a feeling and I can't seem to shake it.

I hate friends with benefits, but I also love it, the excitement, but Brad acts like he wants to be more than friends but then other days he doesn't, he acts like he just wants to be pals.

I lay awake for a bit longer before I get up and leave the room. I walk over towards my balcony grabbing my cigarettes and lighter on my way.

I don't know how it happened, but it happened. One second we were chatting like pals then the next we're both naked in her bed.

I'm laying awake, but my eyes are closed, to make it seem like I'm out cold and not bothered by the underlying fear that we won't become anything more than friends with benefits.

I want to be more than that.
I need to be more that that.

I can feel her moving about, tossing are turning, I know she's awake.

Then she gets up and the side of her bed rises from where she was laying.

I open my eyes and watch her leave the room.

She's got my t-shirt on, it falls just short of her thigh, exposing some of her ass, her hairs tied up in a loose bun.

I get out of bed, grabbing my boxers and sliding them on to follow her out.

I sit on my balcony and try to light my cigarette but my lighter isn't working, I think it might be the breeze blowing it, so I cover it with my hand and try to light it, as it lights, the balcony door opens and Brad walks out, he's wearing his boxers.

He takes a seat next to me, but doesn't say anything "you weren't asleep?" He asks
"I was" I protest,
"you weren't, cause I wasn't either" he says "liars go to hell Miss Prior" he says,
I roll my eyes blowing my smoke in his face "Bitch" he say and I cough,
"my throat hurts" I say
"nobody asked you to scream that loud" he says leaning back
"it's your fault" I say
"Again, nobody made you scream that loud" he says
"you did!" I say and he laughs, his dimples becoming visible
"you literally kept shouting louder" I say and he laughs
"no" he says
"you're the one screaming" he says
"dick" I say and he chuckles
"Fuckin bitch" he says
"what was that?" I ask as he stands up
"Never mind, but, I'm going home" he says
"what? why?" I ask putting my cigarette out and standing up
"because" he says
"I'm not letting you" I say and he laughs "why? He mutters moving closer
"because" I say
"I don't want you to" I say smiling and moving away from him.

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